Really fast UFO sighting over northern parts of Norway, 2022 – Norwegian mainstream medias reports!

This UFO sighting came in a mainstream news in Norway recently. Here are few updates from Norwegian medias:

  • Reports of no sound.
  • Norwegian Military says it does not have anything flying in the area.
  • Morten Bliet in Norsk meteornettverk says it’s “highly irregular.” And he continues: “Meteors usually burns up or disintegrate before it comes as low as the thing is on the video”

From Nordlys, a Norwegian newspaper:

We showed the video to Paal Brekke at the Norwegian Space Agency. He finds it difficult to conclude.

  • “It goes very fast as you say, but in still image it looks like a plane.”
  • “Do not think that it has a long enough tail to be satellite or space junk, but you should never say never.”
  • “It is unlikely that it is one of the satellites to SpaceX. That space station (translation probably means orbit) does not go that far north, and thus it is probably unlikely that this is what has been observed over Finnmark.”

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  1. Cool! Looked at first like a meteor, but that’s too symmetric a structure, no way is that space debris or a meteor – that is a high-speed vehicle, and pretty big by the size of it, guessing the altitude has to be 60,000′ or higher. Could be a hypersonic vehicle, could be a combination aircraft-spacecraft, could be something like the Aurora (almost reminds me of a new version of the SR71). Probably one of ours, but who knows? Until we eliminate the Cabal and get the wall of secrecy down, we just won’t know.

    National Secrecy Act is why our government is so corrupt. Secrets are lies, and where crimes are covered up. Eliminate the secrecy, eliminate much of the crime. Allow the military to keep their operational plans secret, but EVERY other aspect of the government MUST be transparent; every government employee must be completely transparent (including their finances); every government contractor and program must be available to the public. Where there are secrets, there is CRIME. Get rid of the secrecy, get rid of the crime.

    A bill like this must be a part of the new, revised government; all who counter it are corrupt, seeking unfair advantage, and THAT is how we got into this mess. No secrets, no Cabal control..

  2. Could that be a metatransiliatory communication from our space elders to us? A MARKING by our extraterrestrial elders? As the usual suspects are involved in bringing on the war that is set to knock the United States out of usefulness, might our extraterrestrial elders be suggesting we should look into Norway for some of those who are set on triggering the war between the United States and the Soviet Union? And where precisely should we look in Norway?

    Maybe where the free money to pay the big bribes to get this war underway, the banking system?

  3. Distance a long way away ! In company with my late friend I stood 5 feet from two live Aliens in their UFO in Australia, for about 5 minutes, then it left. NOBODY anywhere has
    ever approached to ask me these questions= ( Did the UFO make make noise. (B ) was there any fumes, smoke or anything around it, or what was unusual about it being up so close ?
    Read about Travis WALTON in the USA he was abducted into a UFO…take care.

    • That’s amazing! Could I ask,,, what was unusual about it being so close to you? Did you guys feel like they were trying to communicate in any way,,

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