UFO Spycraft Orbits the ISS

A mysterious object orbiting the ISS is believed to be a UFO spying on the Earth.

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  1. You have posted this same video several times and even this History Channel one as well. This is not a UFO in any way. It is an intentional hoax, where the original poster cut the full NASA video to rope in sheeple that will bring them attention. If you go to the full video, you see it is a micrometeorite shield they are replacing. You can actually see the identical new one they are replacing it with. They do not store non-toxic trash on the ISS, they let it burn up into the atmosphere.

    I actually replied to you about this the last time you posted it, but obviously you never researched it. Shame on History Channel too for propagating a fool trap video as well and never displaying the original video it was clipped from. Plenty of real stuff out there, so no need to keep reposting intentional fool bait that people just swallow without any effort to see if it is lie or truth. 😉

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