A man who was a Navy Astronaut and the Sixth Man on the Moon suspected extraterrestrial intervention.

Edgar-Dean-Mitchell coverup

There are just 12 individuals who had the privilege to see how the Earth looks right from the moon’s surface. However, just one of those individuals has stated that aliens prevented a war that would employ nuclear weapons between the Soviet Union and the US in order to protect mankind from extinguishing themselves.

Edgar Mitchell is most remembered for punching in a code that had 80 lines during the Apollo 14 mission’s descent to the moon in the year 1971. He further claimed that high military authorities had suppressed evidence of unidentified flying objects, presumably alien spaceships, which were especially fond of flying above New Mexico’s White Sands Testing Range. Living in New Mexico had offered him a distinct perspective on the state.

The alien beings were interested in White Sands because it was the area where atomic bombs were being tested. They were curious about American military capabilities. Speaking with individuals has revealed to him that ETs have been trying to keep mankind from starting a war and to assist build peace on our planet.

Mitchell has further informed the Mirror that other soldiers had told him that extraterrestrial spacecraft had disabled nuclear missiles and took them down over the Pacific Coast.

Just 2 years after landing on the moon, he unexpectedly quit NASA, divorced his wife, and created the Institute for Noetic Sciences, he began openly discussing his less popular ideas. He utilized it as a platform to talk about discovering new worlds in ways that aren’t related to recognized science or religion. He grew persuaded that alien life had visited Earth and was assisting mankind is moving toward a more spiritual path.

Mitchelle developed his metaphysical and alien views while training as a pilot, although he wasn’t recognized as a weirdo or for making outlandish claims. He was among the most capable and smart pilots in the United States military. NASA would notice this potential as well, providing Mitchell with the opportunity to realize a dream he’d had since President John F. Kennedy asked the US to put a man on the moon.

Mitchell was set to launch when Kennedy revealed the Space Program’s aim of reaching the moon in 1961.

He stated that it was what he always desired. He’d been committed to this adventure, knowledge, and discovery since his childhood, and it’s what motivates him throughout life.

mitchell edgar

The United States Navy was where Mitchell spent most of his adult life. Before the Navy’s postgraduate school, he was a Naval Aviator. He went on to become a Navy research pilot before earning a Ph.D. in astronautics and aeronautics. He eventually enrolled in the US Air Force Research Pilot School to be a test pilot. He was educating astronauts in mathematics and navigation while striving to finish first in his class as a test pilot.

He became an astronaut at NASA in 1966, barely 13 years after enrolling. Mitchell was scheduled to fly on Apollo’s missions 9 and 10, as well as the ill-fated Apollo 13. But it wasn’t until Apollo 14 that Edgar Mitchell touched foot on the moon’s surface.

He finally got a chance to soak in the scenery as he returned to Earth. Seeing Earth from the outside transformed his perspective on himself and humanity. He described it as a “strong… overall impact” in an interview with VICE back in 2016.

Looking at Earth from orbit, he says, one wonders, “Who are we, how did we get here, and where are we going?” And that is an old, old question that people have been asking for a long time. His experience taught him that our science may be incorrect in resolving these concerns and that our religious cosmologies may be antiquated and erroneous. And now since we are an alien civilization, we must re-ask these questions and put forth a lot more effort to find solutions.

The former sailor who became the sixth human to set foot on the moon died at the age of 85, in 2016.

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  1. i believe that there is some truth to this piece of propoganda that has been released precisely when it was intended to have the greatest impact on those interested in such things i know i have always gone poking my nose around trying to find the truth and or some aliéns kinda like paul from the movie but ask myself what woukd i do if i came face to face with a otherworldly intelegence with vast knoledge beyond my grasp i so desperately want a star wars – sg1 type scenario to be real and to be a

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