Amazing UFO filmed over United States Kansas City, MO yesterday!

This really interesting UFO footage was filmed yesterday at 7:30 pm. The exact location is currently undisclosed.

Update: Location of the sighting is Kansas City, Missouri. You can read more about this sighting on Reddit.

Witness report: Saw this on security but wasn’t fast enough to see in person. I have absolutely no idea what it is but have never seen anything similar on cam. Ideas welcome. This is straight from the camera, saved and uploaded in its entirety. The camera naturally records in approx 2 minute blocks. I do live near a place B-2s fly but I never heard a sound and that would be flying extremely low per usual what I see and hear. I only see them 1-2 times a year though. They sometimes make a huge boom when they break the sound barrier.

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    • I don’t see how this could be a reflection of a car seeing how it flies behind the tree. It’s more likely a B2 if anything.

    • crétin que fait tu ici à raconter et écrire des débilites et pendant que tu y est pourquoi pas une vache volante aller passe ton chemin et vas voir ailleurs

  1. It is obviously real! You can see the craft through the trees. I saw a interview with a very experienced film maker and he stated on a similar video that someone had literally faked! He pointed out that when faked you cannot see the image of the craft through the trees! The image just goes black.

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