Proof The Military Captured A Live Alien In Brazil

Varginha alien leaked photo

James Fox is the director of the documentary “The Phenomenon,” which explores the various ways in which people try to hide the truth about UFOs. In his latest film, “Moment of Contact,” he explores an encounter between a group of girls and an unidentified alien in Brazil. According to the locals, the creature was about 4 feet tall and had a huge red eye and brown oily skin.

Read more: This is a leaked photo of the Varginha, Brazil Alien. This could be authentic!

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  1. I have looked at this subject matter from every angle. I come up with a few conclusions. 1. Uncle Sam wants an uses all alien technology which obviously they have and have used.
    2. They are afraid of human reactions and the confusion and chaos it would cause. 3. Obviously all aliens are not friendly and some are downright dangerous and cannot be trusted. (You can say the same for people.) Causing more panic. That one is more than understandable, however if we are not knowledgeable in what we are up against how can we as a species ever hope to understand or survive it. Inset: Interdimensional travel of other species. Yet again, another unknown. However, because of all of this, our government is wrong for holding back the truth. Last but not least. 4. Uncle Sam has held the truth back for so long they are afraid to broach the subject. One inset here. ( The government, itself, doesn’t know everything about all alien kind and because of that they are embarrassed to say we just don’t know all of it.) That really isn’t a reason for holding back the truth and it leaves everyone in the dark which is never good. Best advise to all especially governments; one and all. Wake Up! We are not, nor, were we ever the big kahuna. Take care all.

  2. James Fox can be admired for trying to be credible. Credibility is lacking in most attempts to make the discussion of UFOs a serious one. I hope he (because few people are in the enviable position he is) finds the evidence to substantiate the theory that UFOs are ‘alien’ and not do what most people involved in this thing do, present their opinions and others’ beliefs as evidence that UFOs are alien spacecraft. This is why so much negative criticism is thrown at people who claim to be studying UFOs because they persist in presenting theirs and others’ opinions and beliefs about the subject rather than present facts. And by facts, I mean scientific evidence of the thing seen or experienced. It may be a ‘fact’ that someone saw something (which they claim is a UFO/alien), but the claim that what they saw was alien has not been substantiated. No sighting of a UFO has ever been substantiated. And this annoys the hell out of me. Yes, making documentaries about the subject of UFOs/aliens does increase the chances of it being seen by someone who has seen something or had an experience and find the courage to talk about it without fear of criticism. And that is a good thing, not a bad thing. But criticism is inevitable and cannot be avoided. So they need to prepare for that and find ways to manage it. Dismissing criticism is not a good way to manage it. Neither is throwing it back at the criticizer by saying “You can’t prove I’m wrong, therefore I’m right.” Healthy discussion of the subject does involve asking questions not accepting without question. Accepting without question is self-deception. And this is a weakness of much of the discussion of UFOs/aliens. When someone chooses to believe rather than ask pertinent questions, they open themselves up to negative criticism. Some positive criticism would be useful at this time, and I hope James can generate that with his documentaries. I mean, I like the way he makes his documentaries, for the same reasons as the host of the podcast. I wish him well in his efforts.

    • We captured 11 objects flying over Salida, Colorado on July 14, 2022. Eight of them were flying in a V shape. The other three kept moving around in different shapes and positions in relation to the 8 V. While I can’t say where they’re from it’s clear they weren’t American as safety is paramount for our pilots and the three were not safely flying. We have a 1-minute long video of them and I took pics from the video as the three move around the sky.

  3. I have been dealing with the topic of extraterrestrial life since my childhood! Does Mr Fox, like many others, want to fool people? The photo shown here has been circulating for years in other Varginha Alien documentaries on youtube through the Internet. One immediately recognizes the artificial character of the creature. Silicone body! And where can you see the oily effect of the skin. I don’t see him! Or does he have other photos or videos in stock? So why doesn’t he show you? Again, I think the whole thing is just a media hype with financial interests. Unfortunately! But the final proof is out there somewhere! (matthiashoch2000 at

    • Even if you do not believe it, or if you have been sleeping for a long time, nothing in this planet is what it seems to be. Please check the remote viewing work (developed initially by the US Military) at farsight institute (farsight dot org and farsightprime dot com) for a complete 180 on your views and complete eye opening work.

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