Amazing UFO sighting video from Zambia, 2023!

Latest UFO sighting of 4 bright objects hovering in formation.

On January 20, 2023, a UFO sighting was reported in Lusaka, Zambia. The sighting was captured on video by a witness who was visibly amazed and confused by what he was seeing. In the video, the witness can be heard asking for a scientific explanation for the strange phenomenon he was witnessing. He also expressed frustration at the lack of interest and understanding from others in the community.

The witness observed four huge bright unknown objects in perfect alignment, which he found to be unusual and unexplained. He questioned the scientific community to provide an explanation for what he was seeing, and expressed disbelief at the alignment of the stars. He also urged others to open their eyes and pay attention to what is happening in the world around them, rather than focusing solely on material pursuits.

This is the first UFO sighting from Zambia that we have posted on website since we started this website in 2009. As the website dedicated to UFO sightings, we are always searching for credible and verifiable information from all over the world that can help shed light on this fascinating topic. We will continue to monitor this case and any new developments from Zambia and encourage anyone with information or evidence to come forward.

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  1. I’ve been telling you all along that something strange is happening in our skies. And now, finally, we have concrete evidence with this UFO sighting in Lusaka. But will the government and the so-called ‘experts’ give us a straight answer? I highly doubt it. They want to keep us in the dark and control the narrative. Wake up, people, and open your eyes to the truth!

  2. Sorry guys, but this one looks like flood lights overlooking a soccer field on a foggy night. The lights are stationary, do not fade in/out, do not move/converge.

    • Right you are, and once again as we see with so many of the videos like this the person recording it shows no interest in trying to move closer. If I thought I was witnessing something worthy of recording then reporting I would at least start walking towards it if it were stationary. I think people don’t try to get closer to what they’re recording is they know they’re hoaxing.

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