Ex-Area 51 Sentry Reveals Shocking Details of Disc-Shaped Craft and Alien Beings at Top-Secret Facility

In a this video interview, former S-4 Level 2 sentry Derek Hennesy, also known as Connor O’Ryan, revealed his experiences of witnessing grey extraterrestrial beings and disc-shaped craft at Area 51. Hennesy explained that there are four levels in S-4, with the top level being a hanger for the flying disc ships. He stated that the first and second levels are all elevator where they keep the flying disc ships, and that while he was there, they were trying to operate the disc, which he witnessed unsuccessfully. He also mentioned that there were scientists and high-level White House officials present at the facility.

Hennesy described the layout of the facility, including four elevators and the fact that there are no centuries on levels three and four. He stated that he had no knowledge of what goes on in those levels, but he had heard rumors of a heavy or EB being present. He also described the bays on level two, which are separated by automatic doors and contain elevators that can bring the whole floor to the top.

The most striking revelation from Hennesy was his description of the storage of extraterrestrial bodies on level two. He stated that there were tubes present, about two feet in width and six feet in height, and that the creatures inside were completely identical, with no way of identifying them individually. He described the creatures as resembling the typical depiction of grey aliens, but with shriveled eyes that resembled prunes and no visible eyelids or hair. He also stated that their bodies were very thin and frail-looking.

Hennesy also described the security measures in place at the facility, including a plastic card with magnetic information, a handprint scan, and a right eye retina scan for access to levels three and four. He stated that if clearance was not granted, instructions were to arrest the individual immediately.

Hennesy’s testimony has been deemed credible by those who conducted the interview, as his voice analysis did not show any signs of stress, and the information he provided matched up with other information and rumors that have been circulating about the secretive Area 51 facility.

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  1. This has truly opened my eyes to the possibilities of what’s really going on at Area 51. The exclusive interview with the former S4 security guard is absolutely mind-blowing, and the information on the disc-shaped craft and alien beings is extremely intriguing. The way the website delves into the conspiracy theories surrounding Area 51 is also well done and adds another layer to the story. Great job on providing a well-rounded look into this top-secret facility!

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