Glasgow Resident Has Close Encounter with UFO

On January 1, 2023, a Glasgow resident had a close encounter with a UFO while out walking their dog. According to the witness, they noticed a red flashing light in the sky that was also flashing with two green lights. The UFO was very noticeable and prominent in the sky, but made no noise and didn’t seem to move.

As the witness walked past the UFO, they were able to make out a triangular shape with the green light. However, when they tried to call their boyfriend, they couldn’t get through. They eventually spoke with their mother, who lived fairly close by, but she couldn’t see the UFO either.

As the witness continued walking towards their home, the UFO suddenly dropped in a straight line, causing the witness to jump in fright. It then hovered for a moment before disappearing completely. The witness reported that the UFO didn’t seem like a drone, as it was too big and moved in a way that drones aren’t capable of.

This strange and unsettling event has left the witness, and many others, wondering what could have caused it. Some speculate that it could be a military aircraft, while others believe it could be an alien visitation. Whatever the case may be, this UFO sighting has certainly sparked the imagination and curiosity of those who heard about it.

It’s important to remember that UFO sightings can be caused by a variety of factors, including natural phenomena, human-made objects, and misidentification of known objects. While it’s certainly possible that this UFO was of extraterrestrial origin, it’s also possible that there is a more mundane explanation.

Regardless of the cause, this UFO sighting in Glasgow is sure to be remembered as a mysterious and intriguing event. Hopefully, we will one day learn the truth about what the witness saw on that fateful day.

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