Retiree snaps photo of UFO resembling “Close Encounters” hovering above residence for minutes


Some people try to disprove the existence of UFOs by gathering circumstantial evidence such as weather reports, statistics, and graphs. However, the truth is that the flying object was in the control of intelligent beings. Researchers and enthusiasts also believe that the phenomenon is real.

On February 28, 2016, John MacDonald, a 65-year old pensioner from Perth, Scotland, was driving home after visiting his friend. He heard strange noises while driving. He then saw a strange object flying in the sky.

He was not aware of the strange lights until he heard the beat and looked through his binoculars. As the object hovered, he took a couple of photos. Then, a few minutes later, the object disappeared. He wondered if he scared it away with the flashes from his camera.

He believes that the object was an alien spacecraft. He estimated that it was about 50 to 70 yards from him when he took the photos. The Civil Aviation Authority of Scotland said that flying in the dark would be very challenging.

People who refuse to acknowledge the existence of alien life offer various proofs and facts in support of their claims. They believe that the public is always looking for unusual and strange occurrences. Also, flying objects cannot operate without the government’s permission.

Airports have strict procedures in place to deal with unusual and unexpected situations, which means that flying objects are not allowed to operate. Even if skeptics are not convinced by the evidence, things can still go on.

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  1. a fascinating look into the world of UFOs and the experiences of those who have witnessed them. It’s incredible to think that there may be intelligent life beyond our planet, and the photo included in the article adds a tangible element to the story. It’s important to keep an open mind and consider all possibilities, even if they may seem unlikely. It’s articles like this that keep the conversation about UFOs alive and spark interest in further research and exploration. Keep up the great work!

  2. the term refute is excellent we can do and say and explain to the skeptic that life can exist elsewhere and that why would we be alone would have wasted our time moreover the photo of the document cannot remain indifferent

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