Latest UFO Sightings: Strange Objects Spotted in Olympia, Washington on Valentine’s Day

UFOs hovering above Olympia, WA
UFOs hovering above Olympia, WA

On the evening of February 14, 2023, some residents of Olympia, Washington, reported seeing mysterious lights and objects in the sky. According to one witness, who captured the incident on video, the UFOs appeared to be moving in unusual patterns and directions, and were not easily explainable as any known aircraft or natural phenomenon. The witness also ruled out the possibility that the objects were from a nearby airport or military base, as they were seen in a different direction and distance.

The footage shows five glowing orbs hovering and moving above the cityscape. The color and intensity of the lights vary, and seem to pulsate or flicker at times. In one clip, the UFOs seem to merge and split, or change their shape and size, while emitting a humming or buzzing sound. In another clip, the lower object appears to make a sudden turn or jump, as if avoiding something or adjusting its trajectory.

The witness said that he had never seen anything like this before, despite living in the same building for almost two years. The witness also noted that the distance between Olympia and Seattle airport, which is the closest major airport, is about 55 miles, and that there were no other visible planes or helicopters in the area at the time of the sighting. The witness encouraged others to come forward and share their experiences, and hoped that experts or investigators could shed some light on what the UFOs might be.

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