Tucker Carlson Relays Strange Account of Soldiers Falling Victim to UFO Encounters

Tucker Carlson

The enigma of unidentified flying objects has fascinated the public and military for decades. Recently, Fox News host Tucker Carlson reignited the discussion with an intriguing tale of troops dying from UFO-inflicted brain injuries. While the U.S. military denies these allegations, the story raises questions about the extent of our knowledge on UFOs and their potential impact on human lives.

Tucker Carlson’s UFO Brain Injury Claims

On the “Full Send” podcast, Carlson recounted a conversation he had with a Stanford professor who, according to the host, was assigned by the Defense Department 11 years ago to investigate cases of troops dying due to UFO-inflicted brain injuries. The professor allegedly had expertise in traumatic brain injury and examined the brains of over 100 troops who died after encounters with UFOs. Moreover, the professor informed Carlson of numerous open court cases supporting these claims.

Carlson expressed his disbelief that such stories were not making front-page headlines, questioning why such significant information remained under the radar.

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The Pentagon’s Response

In response to these claims, the U.S. military has been quick to deny their validity. Susan Gough, a Defense Department spokesperson, declared the story false and the Pentagon declined to comment further. Despite the military’s dismissal, UFOs continue to be a topic of interest within the defense community.

Recent Developments in UFO Research

In recent months, UFOs have taken center stage in military discussions. Last week, Sean Kirkpatrick, head of the Pentagon’s All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office, co-authored a report with Abraham Loeb, chairman of Harvard University’s astronomy department. The report, titled “Physical Constraints on Unidentified Aerial Phenomena,” explores the possibility that alien vessels could be sending out search probes throughout our solar system.

The authors suggest that an interstellar object could be a parent craft releasing multiple small probes during its close passage to Earth, a concept similar to certain NASA missions. This report was published after weeks of heightened attention on unidentified aerial phenomena, sparked by a Chinese spy balloon entering U.S. airspace.

While the U.S. military denies Tucker Carlson’s claims about troops dying from UFO-inflicted brain injuries, the ongoing interest in UFOs highlights our curiosity and thirst for understanding these mysterious phenomena. As researchers continue to investigate the existence and potential implications of unidentified flying objects, the line between fact and fiction remains blurred. The public can only hope that forthcoming studies will shed light on these enigmatic occurrences and their possible impact on human lives.

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  1. Oh yes. Another Tucker Carlson unverified Theory. The master of misinformation. I can’t wait for the dissection of his brains to find out why people lie so much.

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