Investigating UAP Activity in Kyiv Skies: A Deep Dive into New Research and Video Evidence

Kyiv UFO sightings

The skies over Kyiv, Ukraine, have recently become the subject of intense scrutiny as UFO enthusiasts and researchers alike analyze potential unidentified aerial phenomena (UAPs). Kyiv astronomer Boris Zhilyaev has released new research and four videos showcasing these mysterious objects, challenging claims by Avi Loeb and other members of the scientific community that the captured phenomena are merely birds, insects, or artillery. In this article, we delve into Zhilyaev’s research, examine the different groups of UAPs he has observed, and consider the implications of his findings.

Background on Boris Zhilyaev and his paper: Boris Zhilyaev, a Ukrainian astronomer, has been capturing and documenting UAP sightings over Kyiv since 2021. His work, which includes detailed documentation of observed objects and their behavior, has garnered international attention. In response to skeptics like Avi Loeb who argue that the phenomena are explainable through conventional means, Zhilyaev has released a new paper and four new videos to substantiate his claims.

Different Groups of UAPs: Zhilyaev’s research categorizes the UAPs into various groups based on their distinct characteristics and behaviors:

  1. Bright Spinning Objects: These UAPs are observed quite frequently and move at speeds of one to two degrees per second. They appear to be rotating and have flattened shapes with aspect ratios of about 1:3. Their angular sizes range from eight to nine arc minutes, and their speeds and sizes are consistent with those of known objects at various distances.
  2. Bright Structured Objects: This group of UAPs has large angular sizes and clearly defined structural features. Two of these objects have almost identical characteristics, while a third exhibits anomalous temporal characteristics, such as rapid flashing and an intensity drop to near zero. The objects are assumed to be reflecting sunlight, although this hypothesis is not entirely consistent with the observed intensity drops.
  3. Dark Structured Objects: These UAPs, also known as “Phantoms,” are remote objects observed at high altitudes. Their intensity is weakened due to the scattering of radiation in Earth’s atmosphere. Some Phantoms exhibit inhomogeneous surfaces, which Zhilyaev suggests could be a result of their unique composition or structure.
  4. Group of Dark Flying Objects: This group is characterized by moderate sizes and supersonic speeds. The objects in this group can be observed in pairs or as single entities, and their speeds range from Mach 1.2 to Mach 1.4. These objects are challenging to explain through conventional means, as they exhibit no fireball, sound, or shockwave typically associated with supersonic speeds.

Distance Estimation and Responding to Skepticism: To address skepticism surrounding his UAP observations, Zhilyaev uses a method called calorimetry to estimate the distances of the objects. This method, based on color imagery, provides a range estimate that, while not entirely accurate, offers valuable insight into the objects’ size and speed.

Final Thoughts: Boris Zhilyaev’s research and video evidence challenge conventional explanations for the UAP sightings over Kyiv. While skeptics continue to argue that these phenomena can be attributed to birds, insects, or artillery, the distinct characteristics and behaviors of the UAPs documented by Zhilyaev defy such explanations. As the debate continues, the open-source sharing of this research and video evidence will undoubtedly fuel further investigation and discussion on the intriguing topic of UAPs.

VIDEO: Is UFO Activity Happening in the Skies of Kyiv? 4 New Videos!

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