Pilot Encircled by UFOs and Struggles to Maintain Control

Pilot is SURROUNDED by Flying Saucers

In the vast realm of UFO encounters, few stories capture the intensity and intrigue of Carlos De Los Santos’ mid-air experience. On May 3rd, 1975, what began as a routine flight turned into a life-altering experience that would forever haunt this pilot from Mexico.

A Normal Day with an Extraordinary Twist

Carlos, after dropping off passengers in the seaport town of Zihuatanejo on the Pacific coast, was flying his Piper pa-24 Comanche back to Mexico City. The skies were clear, and visibility was perfect. Approximately an hour into his flight at 10,000 feet, Carlos noticed a gray, wingless object floating beside his plane. But this was just the beginning.

Suddenly, two more similar objects appeared — one to his right and another straight ahead. The one in front quickly dove below his plane, and to Carlos’s shock, he felt a thud. Fear gripped him as he realized that the objects were somehow controlling his plane. Despite his best efforts, his aircraft’s controls didn’t respond, and the plane began a terrifying ascent.

A Battle for Control

Pushing the boundaries of imagination, these unidentified flying objects seemed to have hijacked the Piper’s controls. Carlos watched in horror as the yoke moved on its own, causing the plane to climb dangerously close to its maximum altitude. Breathing became difficult in the unpressurized cabin, and the perilous height threatened a stall that could send the aircraft crashing.

Carlos’s frantic Mayday calls painted a distressing picture. He described the mysterious objects surrounding his plane and pleaded for guidance, but the climax was yet to come. As he neared a mountainous region, the objects suddenly detached and sped towards Mount Pobakatta Pedal volcano, leaving Carlos to grapple with a plane that refused to obey.

An Airport Ordeal

Regaining control was only the first part of Carlos’s ordeal. The UFO encounter had affected his landing gear, making descent a challenging task. With resilience and quick thinking, he improvised with a screwdriver to force the landing gear lever down. After several tense moments and numerous rounds circling the airport, Carlos managed a safe landing.

This incredible mid-air drama might have become another dismissed UFO story, if not for one compelling detail: the Mexican Air Traffic Control had also tracked these unexplained objects, offering Carlos vital corroboration.

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The aftermath of this high-altitude drama was equally chilling. Carlos faced not only the skepticism of a public hard to convince but also veiled threats from enigmatic figures. These “men in black” approached him twice, urging him to remain silent about his close encounter. Even when set to discuss his experience with famed UFO investigator J. Alan Heineck, Carlos was met with warnings.

However, with time, Carlos did speak out. His story stands as one of the most incredible aviation-UFO encounters, showcasing the fine line between belief and skepticism, understanding and mystery. While Carlos survived his encounter, other pilots faced dire consequences, raising questions and fueling debates in the realm of extraterrestrial encounters.

This intriguing tale from the skies above Mexico, though mostly overlooked in the U.S., serves as a reminder that sometimes, the skies hold secrets beyond our comprehension.

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  1. These ufos always seem to be proding at earth technology. Testing reactions and counter reactions. Along with shutting down nuclear icbm silos in the mid west on standby and arming icmbs nuclear siols in russia. The little green men managed to shoot down a test rocket at vandenburgh in the early 1960s by lazering the guidance system in the nose cone. The rocket spun out of control and crashed. Its amazing what weather balloons can do these days.

  2. I don’t appreciate the idea you’re proposing that after all these centuries, aliens are now turning into enemies. Unless of course you tell us they’re all really demoncrats… THAT I’d understand.

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