Unveiling the Mystery: Ancient “Alien” Corpses Displayed in Mexico’s Congress


In a staggering event that captured the world’s attention, Mexico’s Congress became the setting for a controversial revelation—two alleged “non-human” corpses, displayed for all to see, with claims that they’re around 1,000 years old. Orchestrated by Jaime Maussan, a high-profile Mexican journalist and ufologist, the spectacle provoked a whirlwind of emotions, from awe to skepticism, within and beyond the UFO community.

The Enigmatic Figure Behind the Revelation

Maussan is no stranger to the limelight. Known for his explorations into the unknown, he has previously stirred public curiosity and debate by delving into the unidentified and the unexplained. Critics argue that his enthusiasm sometimes outpaces scientific rigor, but there’s no denying that when Maussan speaks, people listen.

The Origin Story: A Discovery in Cusco, Peru

The alleged alien specimens were unearthed in Cusco, Peru—a region with a rich history of mysterious phenomena. Nestled among the Andean mountains, Cusco was once the capital of the Incan Empire, which had its own plethora of legends surrounding celestial gods and otherworldly beings.

Jaime Maussan
Jaime Maussan

Interestingly, Peru has been a hotbed for UFO sightings, with claims dating back decades. Locals and visitors alike have reported unexplained aerial phenomena, making the country a natural focal point for ufologists.

The Event: A Collision of Worlds

The showcase in Mexico’s Congress was not an isolated affair. It was a joint endeavor, co-hosted by scientists and attended by Ryan Graves, the Executive Director of Americans for Safe Aerospace and a former U.S. Navy pilot. The specimens were presented in windowed boxes, and Maussan spoke under oath, a gesture meant to underscore the seriousness of the revelations.

The Scientific Angle: Skepticism Meets Possibility

Maussan stated that the specimens were studied at the Autonomous National University of Mexico (UNAM), where DNA evidence was allegedly obtained through radiocarbon dating. “These specimen are not part of our terrestrial evolution,” he proclaimed. While this is a striking statement, science demands rigorous testing and peer review, a process that has yet to be publicly verified in this case.

The Ethical Quandary: Questions Unanswered

Displaying any form of remains, human or otherwise, brings up significant ethical considerations. Were the specimens removed from Peru with proper consent and documentation? Are there indigenous cultural rights that should be acknowledged? Such questions add layers of complexity to an already bewildering event.

Video: Shocking Revelation: 1,000-Year-Old ‘Alien’ Corpses Displayed in Mexico’s Congress!

As the world grapples with this enigmatic revelation, questions far outnumber answers. Skeptics and believers alike are calling for more evidence, preferably from a range of independent scientific bodies. After all, extraordinary claims demand extraordinary proof.

In a world that often seems void of wonder, the aliens —whether authentic or not—serve as a vivid reminder that the universe still has its secrets. And as Jaime Maussan continues his quest for the unknown, one can only wonder what he—or any of us—will uncover next.

VIDEO: Alien Mummies of Peru

As we ponder the possibilities, the specimens lie in their glass cases—silent, mysterious, and challenging us to confront the boundaries of our understanding.

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  1. Oh, so Fake! The big hands are made up of a combination of bones, some adult human metacarpals and phalanges but also some juvenile bones, possibly radius or ulna. The white coating is probably to conceal the joins – the articuar surfaces also do not appear to match. The samaller dudes are a combination of probably juvenile human and animal bones plus some other odds and ends thrown in. A competent Forensic Anthropologist or Radiologist could sort these out in short order. Claims of any scientific evaluations would need to be published if we are to do anything other than treat this as a big fat fib.

  2. Too many ads, making it hard to read. I do believe aliens have and are visiting Earth, but there is so much fake news on social media, one doesn’t know what is he truth.

  3. They have been X-rayed and all of the rest of it.
    No trace of forgery were found. The bodies are “real”
    and fully functionnal with bones,muscles,joints,etc

    Several of theses bodies wwere found, some smalls
    and some taller ones
    It doesn’t mean it’s alien , or another species of humans,
    but DNA researches were not able to conclude what species
    or close to what specie they are.

    So please don’t say this could be easily dismissed by simple analysis.
    An elaborate fake can’t be ruled out, but zero evidence pointing toward
    this were found.

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