Shocking new video by James Fox: “Feels like someone is trying to extinguish my career, it’s pretty terrifying.”


In the tranquil solitude of nature, filmmaker James Fox often reflects on his groundbreaking work, piecing together narratives that challenge our understanding of the unknown. Known for his compelling documentaries delving into the enigmatic realm of UFOs, Fox has dedicated his recent years to uncovering the layers of secrecy surrounding unidentified aerial phenomena. However, a recent turn of events, as revealed in a distressing video to his social media followers, suggests that Fox is now navigating through the most tumultuous chapter of his career.

Fox, who has become a significant voice in the UFO documentary scene, has spent the last few years interviewing credible witnesses and military officials, earning him a reputation for his earnest search for truth in a field often clouded by skepticism. His documentaries, such as “I Know What I Saw” and “Out of the Blue,” have been pivotal in bringing the discussion of UFOs into the mainstream, presenting meticulously researched evidence to the public.

The filmmaker’s exploration of the Varginha UFO incident, Brazil’s own Roswell, encapsulates his commitment to shedding light on such encounters. By examining this 1996 event, where residents of Varginha reported seeing creatures and a UFO, Fox has contributed to preserving the narrative while igniting fresh discussions on the topic.

Yet, in a somber and unexpected announcement from his favorite spot – a place of reflection and solace – Fox shared with his followers that he has been grappling with profound challenges aimed at his professional endeavors. With palpable concern in his voice, he alludes to an unseen battle that has been waging for six months, suggesting a targeted effort to “extinguish” his career, leaving him feeling “pretty terrifying.”

Although details were sparse due to legal constraints, Fox’s message conveyed a dire sense of urgency and vulnerability. The decision to address his audience directly, ahead of a more detailed revelation promised for later in the week, speaks to the gravity of the situation and his reliance on the community’s support.

Fox’s commitment to his work has never been in question, but this current adversity reveals the fragile intersection where pioneering research meets the machinations of power structures resistant to disclosure. His journey is a stark reminder of the complexities facing those who dare to question and uncover truths that may unsettle the status quo.

While the full extent of Fox’s current predicament remains shrouded, what is clear is his unwavering passion for his craft and the causes he champions. As the UFO community and the public await further details with bated breath, the resilience of this tenacious filmmaker is being tested.

This unfolding story serves as a poignant narrative of a man deeply entrenched in the search for truth, standing firm against forces that threaten to silence his voice. James Fox’s plight is not merely his own but resonates with anyone who has faced adversity in pursuit of their life’s work. As Fox prepares to share more with the world, his experience underscores the complexities of challenging entrenched beliefs and the courage required to confront the unknown, both in the skies above and in the trials we face on the ground.

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  1. This Big Machine that is trying to keep disclosure from happening has been doing this for many decades. Many people, like myself, encourage Mr Fox to keep on doing his valuable work!! It’s so disheartening that these influential people try and hide the Truth and discredit Mr Fox!!! The true real American public is behind Fox and we anxiously wait for the day when the good overcomes the evil falsifiers!!

  2. Welcome to my world. I did lose 16 friends in the UFO world and one whole family. My co-partner in the UFO world sold out. We are not even friends.

  3. Stay strong Mr Fox we all know the Deep state criminals and they activities will be found out they are committing crimes by hiding the truth from humanity keep up the good work stays strong

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