Pentagon UFO Cover-Up Exposed? An In-Depth Look at the Lehto Files Investigation

Pentagon UFO Cover-Up Exposed

In a riveting episode of the Lehto Files, retired F-16 pilot Chris Lehto explores a controversial interview where noted skeptic Steven Greenstreet interrogates Dr. Sean Kirkpatrick, the former director of the Pentagon’s All-Domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO). The crux of the interview revolves around Kirkpatrick’s denial of attending a 2018 Senate briefing on Skinwalker Ranch, despite photographic evidence and assertions from Brandon Fugal, the current owner of the ranch.

The Controversial Interview

Steven Greenstreet, known for his critical stance on UFO phenomena, questioned Dr. Kirkpatrick about his involvement with UFOs before 2022. Kirkpatrick asserted that he had no prior duties or interests in UFOs outside of casual movie-watching. However, Greenstreet challenged this claim by referencing a 2018 briefing that Kirkpatrick allegedly attended, where Skinwalker Ranch was the focus.

The Evidence

Photographic evidence and testimonies from Brandon Fugal indicate that Kirkpatrick not only attended but led the 2018 briefing on Skinwalker Ranch. This briefing, conducted with high-level Pentagon officials, directly contradicts Kirkpatrick’s statements. Fugal provided photos showing Kirkpatrick at the head of the table during the briefing, which he claimed lasted over two hours.

Kirkpatrick’s Response

When pressed by Greenstreet, Kirkpatrick admitted to attending a briefing at the request of the Senate Armed Services Committee but insisted it was unrelated to Skinwalker Ranch and was associated with research from the AATIP (Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program) and ASAP (Advanced Aerospace Weapons Systems Application Program). He maintained that his role was as an independent, objective reviewer and that he was unaware the briefing specifically involved Skinwalker Ranch until later.

The Skeptic’s Perspective

Greenstreet has long argued that a group of “True Believers” within the Department of Defense (DoD) has been fabricating the narrative of UFOs and reverse engineering programs. Despite numerous whistleblowers, including David Grusch and Colonel Charles Halt, recounting firsthand experiences, Greenstreet remains unconvinced, believing these narratives are orchestrated by a select few.

Public and Community Reaction

The UFO community is divided in response to Kirkpatrick’s role and statements. Many are concerned about his credibility and objectivity as the director of AARO. His denial of attending a significant UFO-related briefing, despite evidence to the contrary, raises questions about his transparency and the potential for a cover-up.

The Need for Transparency

The episode underscores the importance of transparency and accountability in governmental UFO investigations. Kirkpatrick’s conflicting statements and the evidence provided by Fugal highlight the need for clear and honest communication from officials involved in UFO research. Public trust is paramount, and any perceived dishonesty can severely damage confidence in governmental investigations.

Chris Lehto’s Call for Civility

Chris Lehto emphasizes the need for civil discourse and cautions against personal attacks on Kirkpatrick or his family. The focus, he insists, should be on the evidence and the validity of arguments presented. Respectful and evidence-based discussions are crucial for progressing in the understanding of UFO phenomena.


The episode of the Lehto Files brings to light potential inconsistencies and controversies in the Pentagon’s handling of UFO investigations. The conflicting accounts surrounding Dr. Sean Kirkpatrick’s involvement in the 2018 briefing on Skinwalker Ranch call for greater transparency and accountability from those in positions of authority. By fostering objective and respectful discussions, the search for truth in UFO phenomena can continue with integrity and public trust.

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  1. It should come as absolutely no surprise to anyone who follows the UFO/UAP issue that government officials- US and otherwise- continue to lie to us at every turn, however ludicrous. It will take a very significant undeniable incident to finally force some admission, however slight, that the phenomenon is real. In the interim, we can only hope that Congressional committees investigating this issue will finally be able to force some exposure from the pentagon, CIA and who knows who else.

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