AMAZING! 3 UFOs around the plane! Unraveling the Mystery of MH370: The Satellite Video Evidence


The disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 on March 8, 2014, remains one of aviation’s greatest mysteries. Recently, a satellite video has surfaced, showing the final moments of the flight, but with an extraordinary twist: the presence of three bright UFOs or orbs flying around the plane before it mysteriously disappears. This article delves into the details of this video, the corroborating evidence, and the potential theories behind this baffling event.

The Satellite Video

A satellite video purportedly showing the final moments of MH370 has been making rounds on the internet. The video, consistent with a remote terminal Citrix login to a U.S. spy satellite surveillance system, shows what appears to be the plane over the Nicobar Islands at around 18:40 UTC. This timing aligns with reports from Subang Air Traffic Control, which lost contact with the plane at this precise moment.

In the bottom left corner of the video, the designation “NROL-22” is visible. NROL-22 is part of the Space-Based Infrared System (SBIRS) launched in 2006, designed for missile warning, missile defense, battlespace awareness, and technical intelligence. The coordinates next to the designation align with the known location of MH370 at the time contact was lost.

The video shows three bright UFOs or orbs flying around the plane before it disappears. This startling phenomenon adds a new layer of mystery to the already enigmatic disappearance of MH370.

Early Release and Corroboration

Interestingly, the satellite video was published online on May 19, 2014, a full eight days before the release of the Inmarsat telemetry data on May 27, 2014. The Inmarsat data led investigators to focus on the South Indian Ocean as the plane’s final location. Before this data was made public, there was widespread speculation that MH370 had flown over Indonesia into the South Indian Ocean, a theory now potentially challenged by the satellite video.

Eyewitness Accounts

Katherine Tee, a sailor, reported seeing a plane consistent with MH370 near the Nicobar Islands around the same time depicted in the satellite video. She described seeing the plane flying low, descending, with smoke trailing from its back. Her account adds a crucial eyewitness perspective that aligns with the video footage.

China Times Report

On the day MH370 disappeared, the China Times reported an intercepted communication indicating the plane was disintegrating and attempting an emergency landing at 2:43 AM local time (18:43 UTC). This timing matches the events shown in the satellite video, providing further corroboration from an independent source.

Technical Analysis

Experts have conducted a thorough technical analysis of the satellite video, confirming its consistency with the capabilities of a Boeing 777 and the resolution expected from satellite sensors, approximately 1 meter per pixel. The analysis also demonstrated that the clouds in the video evolve naturally, suggesting the footage is authentic.

The slight perspective movement observed in the video is consistent with satellite footage captured from around 1000 km away. This minor shift further supports the video’s authenticity and the plausibility of the events it depicts.

Synchronization with Drone Footage

The satellite video is synchronized with another video purportedly captured by a drone. Both videos show the same clouds, indicating they were recorded simultaneously from different perspectives. The ability to synchronize these videos so precisely suggests a high level of sophistication, making it highly unlikely that the footage was hoaxed.

Naval Ocean Surveillance

Analysis of satellite trajectories revealed that the Naval Ocean Surveillance Satellite USA-229, capable of signals intelligence (SIGINT), was in the Malacca Straits at 18:40 UTC. This satellite could have relayed the data seen in the MH370 satellite video, supporting the theory that a SIGINT-capable satellite captured the footage.

The UFO Phenomenon and Theories

The presence of three bright UFOs or orbs in the video raises several theories:

  1. Alien Intervention:
    • One theory posits that extraterrestrial beings might have been involved in the disappearance of MH370. The orbs could be advanced alien technology, either observing or interacting with the aircraft.
  2. Secret Government Technology:
    • Another theory suggests that the orbs could be secret government technology, possibly experimental aircraft or drones with capabilities beyond current publicly known technology. This could imply a covert operation that led to the plane’s disappearance.
  3. Natural Phenomenon:
    • Some experts might argue that the orbs are a natural phenomenon, such as ball lightning or another atmospheric anomaly. However, this does not explain the subsequent disappearance of the plane.

Implications and Further Investigation

The alignment of satellite capabilities, eyewitness accounts, and corroborating reports presents a compelling case for re-examining the events surrounding MH370’s disappearance. The synchronization of satellite and drone footage, combined with the appearance of UFOs, points to a sophisticated and possibly covert operation capturing real-time events.


This new evidence underscores the need for further investigation into the sources of these videos and their implications. If verified, the satellite footage could provide crucial insights into the final moments of MH370, potentially reshaping our understanding of the incident and bringing us closer to uncovering the truth behind one of aviation’s most enduring mysteries.

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  1. The difficulty, as always, is accepting that the above story is true. It sounds true but so much on the net sounds true, looks true, even feels true – and turns out to be hooey.
    So I dunno! Another problem is this site, which is overloaded with advertisements, pop-ups, and all kinds of shite.

  2. Why would a satellite be filming a plane? And, it doesn’t explain why the plane changed course and shut off all communication. I think only the pilot was responsible for it.

  3. Old news. This one was debunked a while back. Lore Lodge on YouTube did a very detailed analysis and proved beyond a doubt that the images are CG cut and pastes and all the surrounding info is unverifiable (ie made up).

  4. Planes show up on radar screens of airports both military and civilian, depending on which air space the plane enters. This is for safety of not only that airline but also any others that are close by. This is a safety precaution.

  5. It is what I have always maintained. The plane was taken over by remote drones, with the intention of flying to Diego Garcia, to remove the passengers. The plane kept its engines running, whilst the passengers were taken off, hooded. And bound. The plane was then taken off and sabotaged somewhere between Diego Marcia and Réunion Island. There are many clues to this probability. Eye witness accounts for instance, wreckage from the plane, and many more. Leaves many unanswered questions.
    Jerome Brown
    May23 2024.

    • Interesting. I am intrigued. Can you provide some sources for this information? I would like to read more. Thanks!

  6. This video is not new, its been around for several years now. If I remember correctly it was debunked as being fake.

  7. I wonder who took the video and why was this particular flight was being monitored at that particular time ? Unless explained i am inclined to believe this whole thing as a hoax.

  8. The lithium-Ion batteries in MH370’s hold cooked up, burned thru the wiring for the radio antennas and possibly other critical systems then filled the plane with toxic smoke. The pilots attempted to turn back or make for the nearest large runway but were overcome by smoke before they were able to complete the turn using the autopilot and from there it just flew until it ran out of fuel and pile drivered into a remote area of the ocean.

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