Ex-Air Force Agent Reveals Shocking Fake Alien Abduction Orchestrated by Military

In a compelling interview with Vinnie Adams on the Disclosure Team, former Air Force Office of Special Investigations (OSI) agent Rick Doty shared remarkable insights into his involvement in counterintelligence and disinformation operations related to UFOs. Doty’s revelations include a stunning claim about a faked alien abduction orchestrated by the military, aimed at protecting classified information. This article delves into the details of this astonishing story and the broader implications it holds for UFO disclosure.

Rick Doty’s Career and UFO Involvement

Rick Doty served in the Air Force OSI from 1978 to 1988, working at prominent locations such as Kirtland Air Force Base and Area 51. His involvement with UFOs began in 1979 when a security guard reported a UFO landing at Kirtland. This incident led to Doty receiving special briefings on the US government’s UFO programs, which included information on the infamous Roswell crash and other significant incidents. Doty asserts that the US government recovered UFOs in 1947 and 1949 and even had a live alien from the Roswell crash, who lived until 1952.

Disinformation Operations and the Paul Benowitz Case

One of Doty’s primary roles was to monitor and occasionally influence UFO researchers to safeguard classified information. A notable case involves Paul Benowitz, a researcher who mistook classified military drone operations for UFO activities. Doty and others fed Benowitz disinformation, leading him to believe he was observing extraterrestrial crafts. This strategy effectively diverted attention away from the actual classified military programs.

The Faked Alien Abduction

Among Doty’s most startling claims is the story of a faked alien abduction. He revealed that the military conducted this elaborate ruse to protect classified information. The scenario involved an Air Force major who disclosed sensitive information to a female third party. To protect the information and throw her off track, the military staged a fake abduction. This operation included kidnapping the woman and possibly using personnel disguised as aliens. Doty stressed that this was the only instance he knew of, although he hinted that other agencies might have conducted similar operations.

The Avery and UFO Disclosure Efforts

Doty mentioned his association with a group of intelligence officers and scientists known informally as “The Avery.” This group aimed to disclose UFO information to the public without compromising national security or causing public panic. Key figures in this group included Richard Helms, Kit Green, and Hal Puthoff. Doty also confirmed the existence of alien autopsy videos from various UFO crashes, further highlighting the government’s extensive involvement in UFO investigations.

Challenges in UFO Disclosure

Doty emphasized the complexities and obstacles involved in disclosing UFO information. These challenges include the need to protect classified technology and manage potential religious and societal impacts. He is currently part of a group of retired intelligence officers working towards responsible UFO disclosure, advocating for legal protections for whistleblowers and careful handling of classified information.

The 7602 Intelligence Squadron: The True Men in Black

In his interview, Doty referred to the 7602 Intelligence Squadron at Fort Belvoir, Virginia, as the true “Men in Black.” This revelation adds another layer of intrigue to the already fascinating narrative of government involvement in UFO-related activities.

VIDEO: Chris Lehto – Fake Alien Abduction Revealed by Ex-Air Force Agent!

Rick Doty’s interview offers a rare glimpse into the covert operations conducted by the military to protect classified information, including the extraordinary measure of faking an alien abduction. While his claims are controversial, they underscore the lengths to which the government might go to maintain secrecy. As efforts towards responsible UFO disclosure continue, Doty’s revelations contribute to the ongoing dialogue about the truth behind UFO phenomena and the need for transparency in sharing this information with the public. For those interested in further details, the full interview is available on the Disclosure Team’s channel.

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