Most remarkable UFO sightings in April 2011

Most remarkable UFO sightings in April 2011 by

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March and April 2011; UFO activity – Moscow, Russia

April 2011; daytime UFO – Moscow, Russia

April 2011; triangle formation – Rouen, France

April 2011; daytime triangle formation – Temecula, California

April 2011; triangle formation – Zurich in Switzerland

2nd April 2011; daytime UFO – San Antonio, Texas

3rd April 2011; triangle UFO – Fresno, California

3rd April 2011; triangle UFO – Antofagasta, Chile

7th April 2011; UFO – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

8th April 2011; triangle UFO – Arizona, USA

11th April 2011; daytime UFO fleet – Santa Maria, Brazil

13th April 2011; UFO – Rockingham in Western Australia

19th April 2011; TR-3B – Oregon, U.S.

22nd April 2011; triangle formation – Tbilisi, Georgia country

27th April 2011; 2 fastwalkers – Denver, Colorado

29th April 2011; UFO – near ISS

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  1. There all nearly convincing some are fake you can clearly see that, but still all in all very interesting the real ones are to look at.<br />Something is definetely out there, and for some reason alot more this year than any other year, Why is this i wonder to myself..<br />I do believe where upon the brinx of a enormous world war and there either here to help us or to be against us and to help

  2. You are walking in the woods, way back a mountain trail and you come up on a large lake with a natural boulder damn. Some of the boulders and earth have eroded and water is going to break through and flood. You look over the valley down below and there is a large group of real NEANDRETHAL humans in the valley fighting and killing each other. You gonna warn them ????

  3. I think there is always that possiblity that someone or thing can be out there…they must be intelligent..what I have seen with my own eyes. They can travel very fast and high, but they stay high enough so that if seen by people we still aren&#39;t sure.

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