Huge UFO ship over Saint Petersburg in Russia – June 2011

Latest UFO sightings – Interesting video of huge UFO hovering stationary in the night sky over Saint Petersburg in Russia. This was filmed this month (June 2011).

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  1. Would love to know more about this. I noticed around 2:08 – 2:12 in the video a light going straight toward the UFO and heard several planes beforehand. Was the light one of the planes going toward it or possibly a missle being fired at it and the UFO just absorbed it. Never saw the light after it went into or behind it. Are you near an airport where the sound of jets is normal? Can't believe

  2. Everything we have been taught has been a method to impose conformity. The bible was altered from the original manuscript for the minions, information altered by the likes of Shakespeare who was a Freemason. 400 odd freemasons were involved in the watered down version of the real scriptures. Knowledge of other life forms is not a new concept, all this information is in the real scriptures that

  3. My simple mind sees a group of lights in what appears to be staying in one spot over a city. The lights are not blinking but appear to be pulsing. It is under control. It does not comply with the usual identifiers as either a commercial or known military aircraft. The lights dont rotate so the object is not spinnig. I cant tell if the object is moving up or down. This would help determine if the

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