Sunday, July 31, 2011

Controversial Belgium UFO photo proved to be fake

A photo of a triangular shaped unidentified flying object, said to be hovering the Belgian sky, was photographed last April 14, 1990. This sighting became a worldwide hit as the photo circulated around the world. In fact, it was very controversial that it caught the attention of the experts from NASA. It was known as Petit-Rechain photo, named after the Belgian town where the image was photographed. Now, after almost 21 years, the “real” story finally came out as the man behind this mysterious image finally confessed. Patrick, who was 18 years old back then, admitted in an interview that the object was fake and that they made it using foamed polystyrene, popularly known as Styrofoam.

The object was made, photographed and released during the period when reports about UFO sightings were spreading uncontrollably in the country. These series of sightings were later on coined as Belgian UFO Wave, which lasted from November 1989 to April 1990.

In an interview conducted by one of the broadcasters of a TV channel in Belgium, the RTL TVI, Patrick said that he and his friends made the model with polystyrene, painted it, stuck things to it, suspended it in the air and took a photo. He also admitted that the prank was initially meant to fool some of his co-workers and did not expect that people will take it seriously.

Patrick anticipated that experts would eventually discover their deception but takes pride in the fact that they never did. He apologized to all those who believed but admitted that he wouldn’t hesitate to do it again.

But some people are wondering, “Why now? Why wait 21 years to finally come clean?” Despite Patrick’s confession, many still believed that this might be just another ploy from the government. A cover up designed to sidetrack us from what really is going on. What if the REAL hoax is Patrick claiming to the public that the image is fake? What if the government persuaded the man to tell us a DIFFERENT story to conceal the shocking reality? (c) 2011

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  1. It's been a LONG time to "Come Clean", supposedly. A little Money, Threat, or who knows given the state of decception these last 50+ years is quite a mystery. Why now? Do it resemble something that we just might start seeing more of? Please wipe the Fishy smell off this story. Too many other places in the World see the same thing. Until I see the model and how it was done with his cohorts present, and the Police retract their storys, sorry. I won't bite. Think about it folks. Pretty strange timing. Should this now be called the TR-3B BS story now?? Keep the Faith and Keep looking up! Thanks.

  2. Well Patrick, if you did indeed perform this hoax, then prove it...recreate your prank, and please do make it as similar as possible to the original. This shouldn't be difficult, as I'm sure you remember the materials used, the camera, lens, lighting and motion/blur effect. Well, whatcha say, Patrick?

  3. Ahhhhhh what a bummer.

  4. As Paul (above) says, BS, recreate it. I will go one step further and say your picture is irrelevant anyway, as there is excellent radar/visual corroborating evidence. Multiple radar data combined with simultaneous visual observation, is kind of hard to beat.

  5. who cares. there is multiple radar combined with simultaeneous visual sightings. That is all you need for proof.

  6. Very strange...21 years latter and from night to the day "is fake", Doesn't look fake to me, and unless he maked a giant model that really fly it is a UFO, Like Anonymous sayed, Too many other places saw the same thing. I just saw the same thing looking through the windows this year...So, where is your hoax now???

  7. 2days before they said it was a fake, I personally send an email to belgian newsstations asking why we don't see anything of ufo's on the news or in newspapers. So I think it's very strange that 2days later this comes makes the news. I had no reply from them, but if anyone wants to see the mail, I still have it in my mailbox.

  8. The newsnetworks are a joke, they just show us what they want us to see. They just try to keep the people small and stupid and everyone just keeps believing them. I thought communism was in Russia...

  9. I waited 10 years, to tell.
    a triangular UFO flying over me.
    only in 2003 I heard that more people see them.
    Until that time believed that UFO's were most dishes.
    I thought so too.
    I was afraid to say I had seen something else.
    the triangle flew low over the phillips semiconductor factory
    it was the size of 2 to 3 football fields.
    Made no sound, and a whole seemed to exist, as if it was poured into a mold.
    as a piece of plastic with a blue-gray color.
    Maybe the UFO Patric is fake.
    But what I've seen, certainly not
    Regards and keep looking up.


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