Bright UFO flying over Chelyabinsk, Russia 21-Dec-2011

UFO videos – Bright unknown object was filmed slowly flying in the sky above Chelyabinsk in Russia. This footage was recorded on Wednesday, 21st December 2011.

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6 Comments on Bright UFO flying over Chelyabinsk, Russia 21-Dec-2011

  1. su-35s jammin out mabey???-matt_bpd

  2. Looks to me like aircraft in a final approach pattern. Any airports near these guys?

  3. That looks so familiar to something I saw a few months back, good post.

  4. it was on the day that the russian rocket went to the iss, and chelyabinsk is close to kazachstan were the rocket had its lift off so i think it are things that comes of the rocket.

  5. I&#39;m shocked that latest ufo sighting didn&#39;t cover this story:<br />

  6. не самолет

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