Daytime UFO video filmed in California 9-Jun-2012

Latest UFO sightings – This video of unknown bright objects or orbs hovering in the sky above California was recorded on Saturday, 9th June 2012. Witness reported hearing his dog barking and went outside to see what was going on, and noticed 3 ufos over his house. They stayed stationary and then disappeared.

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  1. When somebody creates a whole introduction to a video instead of just giving me the original, I always have doubts because it opens the door to a CGI right away.

  2. Does it appear it's moving avay, the lights getting closer together before fading away and not necessarily three separate lights, but one object. And why in all these "triangle" UFOs can we see no detail in between the lights. If you're trying to stay hidden, why have lights at all. Stretching it, are the lights necessary for any type of cloaking mechanixm to help bend the light

  3. the triangles must be significant shape the pyramids illuminati sign to our et brothers liked camera shoot must represent a type of alien ?.i believe the crops are easier quicker to leave fast messages like alien faxing only on open fields not near the public. different signs mean different things for various visitors to our earth greys reptillians nordics many other types who come into our skies

  4. get your ass outside and watch the sky, more and more ufos are seen over large cities, they are not here to attack you and if u havent seen one just watch the sky !!! within the last 3 months i have seen 5, 5 !! ufo sightings, for the most part i wasnt alone and i had a witness to confirm. Usually the UFOs were very bright, pulsating orange color which disappeared and reappeared in a whole new

  5. Precisely. The chances of any formation to appear and remain precisely equilateral when viewed from the perspective of the camera are slim to none unless there was some help. I actually think they may not even be CG fakery but rather some sort of reflection. They just seem to have that look…

  6. Great catch! With so many of these triangular sightings of late, I am starting to believe that they may be carring out some kind of three dimensional mapping

  7. I think that "they" are making decisions about us, what we can do, and what we can not do.. Afterall, we should try to understand why "they" are here for!

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