Thursday, December 20, 2012

VIDEOS: Mass UFO sighting over Santiago, Chile - 17-18 December 2012

Latest UFO sightings - Multiple UFO videos were recorded in Santiago, Chile on 17th and 18th December 2012 by different witnesses.

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  1. quadrocopter swar test :)

  2. Have seen helicopters and military planes flying at night, this is nothing like, despite the flashing. That many machines, even at a distance and on a warm night, would be emitting a fair bit of noise. Aircraft as we know it do not appear and disappear as quickly or frequently as these vids show. Not sure what they are, but they re not planes or choppers. In some of the videos, one bright flyer seems to double its speed within a second. The lights often seem to be rotating, reforming then flying off individually. would like to think that man has invented this sort of machine but I doubt it. Nano/quadro copters work in sync. Lights too big to be quadros at that height and distance over city.

    1. Re Chilean sightings, I saw the same type UFO thing over Bridgewater NJ 12/18 eve at 230am 12;19/2012. But just one. Being aware, I was watching the skies more. In the clear early eve at 530pm of the 20th looked out from my backdoor in Wayne NJ...saw one twinkling object swooping like a fairy and disappear in a cloud?? Similar to one of the videos here..again only one....and I feel I saw another only because I was looking up at the sky more and being aware. Soon after found the were many others. we are not alone...duh government should be telling us what's going on!!! They were not any advanced earth aircraft. mufon nj has my report


  4. very honest people from latin america videos more amazing proof of alien visitations throughout our universe quality videos keep up the good work .

  5. The latest video (the bottom one) was the best video ever..especially when the light spreads..we will know if it's a comet, fallen star, copter, plane or any human made..but this is not..i've seen something like that..just one dot of light flying zigzag and randomly in my city, Medan, North Sumatera, Indonesia on January 10, flies without noise, although my girlfriend said that it's three dot of light formed a triangle..maybe i didn't see it because i'm still looking at my phone trying to record..but it's far too high and the phone is useless..i swear that what i saw is the same as yours..the only different is the quantity..


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