Britain’s Latest Declassified UFO Files Feature Anti-Gravity Technology

UK National Archives released its last batch of UFO files recently. The X-files contain various letters sent to the British Ministry of Defence inquiring about UFOs and reports on different UFO sightings. One inquiry that worth noticing is from someone who asked about the truth about the secret anti-gravity technology. The MoD replied that it does not have projects related to anti-gravity technology but its researchers are aware about it and closely monitoring research in this matter.

The lengthy letter asks the government to declassify information about anti-gravity and extra-terrestrials. It was addressed to politician Anne Moffat of Labour Party who was a member of the British Parliament at that time. The politician forwarded the letter to the MoD and the ministry asked the science division about anti-gravity matters.

The response says that MoD does not have any research about anti-gravity although it is aware about this field. It adds that the department will continue to monitor such technologies through its Horizon Scanning activities to know if this technology could have defence benefit in the future. Also included in the response was a link of an article about the subject made by a member of the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl), which is the MoD’s science department.

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  1. This is a setup meant to levitate under the action of electrostatic forces: nothing to do with Aliens and antigravitation!

  2. this is a "lifter" well known technique ,nothing new about antigravity propulsion system , human and primitive -Not an alien stuff.

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