Unknown lights hovering above Argentina 24-Jun-2013

Latest UFO sightings – New video of a bright unidentified flying objects hovering in the sky above Argentina. This was taken on Monday, 24th June 2013.

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  1. No its not aircraft lights…The lights are too elongated and this thing is massive also it vanished just like that…Want to try something else as an answer?…Peace

    • Dude! The whatever object/lights disappeared because the cam moved to the right of the mountain… giving you the impression it&#39;s gone. The object/lights still remain uncertain… as usual.<br />Peace

  2. it is aircraft lights. I recorded some footage that looks like that, the fact that u moved the camera to the right and down and never returned to the orignal focus point says that it was an aircraft.

  3. I never saw it vanish! But if these objects etc are not &#39;ours&#39; then they are certainly getting bolder,and &#39;in your face&#39;! Quite disrepectful really. just land and get it over with already!

  4. More camera shake please.<br />Vanished like that? Maybe it&#39;s an edit. Did you consider that. <br />I would not rule out landing lights on aircraft. Are we near an airport?

  5. It did not disappear, the photographer was just filming to the right of the object, he got lost, not the object. I wonder if there was a reason he didn&#39;t want us to see it so he pointed the camera in a different direction and said he lost it, maybe it became apparent that it was a plane or something identifiable, so he made believe he lost it?

    • this is what i&#39;m thinking. but then if he realized that it was a plane, why in the world did he post it? either he really saw what he thinks is a ufo or he&#39;s thinking we&#39;re all a bunch of saps.

  6. our regular ufo craft bit large doesnt look like a plane npo tail fin central lights too close for conventional craft good shot

    • Either that or some new military aircraft. Technology is changing &amp; todays craft have evolved since the Wright Bros.

  7. Those aren&#39;t actually in the air. They&#39;re the lights from a far off community at ground level. Apparently whoever filmed this was up in the mountains looking down onto the valley below (that is wehre the lights are).

    • and what the heck have they got in their community? giant mirrors that will reflect sunlight? good mirage guess but i don&#39;t think so.

  8. For me it´s an ufo, isn´t a comun plane, more it was filmed among those mountains, in a solitary place without anything. Para mi es un ovni, no es un avión común, más que fue filmado entre esas montañas, en un lugar solitario sin nada que se pueda encontrar allí.

  9. Sometimes when I read everyones comments I can&#39;t believe how moronic certain people sound. (I mean i&#39;m not naming names here) but Balloons and basket? Lights from a far off community? I think some people just say those things to get a rise out of us. At least everyone else is having intelligent debates on this issue.

  10. well, it&#39;s flying, it&#39;s unidentified, and it&#39;s an object. it is therefore a ufo. problem is, too many people equate ufo to alien space ship. several possibilities here, remains a mystery.

  11. I looked at this again when i was awake and your all right indeed ..It did not vanish like I had thought..duh..But I am still sticking with not an airplane that I know of …The main light are too long to be from jet engines and the rest of then lights on the outer edges are not in the correct places to be landing lights…And heres the kicker…NO aviation strobes on this craft..Peace<br />

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