We Are Not Alone – The Alien Implants

alien implant

“Alien Implants” – Where did these things originated in? What is its purpose? And who are those responsible for placing these untraceable objects inside the human body?

alien implantsFor the past years many people have been asking scientist Steve Colbern for answers but his expertise as a material scientist never gave them a conclusive answer.

Steve Colbern works with Dr. Roger Leir and a team who is specialists in locating, extracting, and studying alien implants. As soon as these mysterious objects are taken from a patient’s body, they conduct a series of tests to identify its properties and through these tests they unravel some of the many secrets that are related to these alien objects.

One thing that is certain, whoever implanted these objects intelligently knows so much about the human body. These tiny objects are successfully placed and stayed inside human tissue without the host feeling some discomfort or pain and surprisingly these objects are not easily detected. Some implants remain hidden inside the body even decades long before getting discovered.

Most alien implants are metal and many of these objects are regarded as tracking devices. The implants have a specialized carbon nano-tubes network that is deemed to emit radio signals. These sophisticated devices could be allowing the entities to hear and see the way the host body is hearing and seeing said Dr. Leir.

A recent patient of Colbern’s team is a 50 year old man. He said that he was abducted when he was only 10 in a camping, out in the forest. He remembers that the unknown beings inserted something in his left wrist. 40 years later he still has the alien implant until Dr. Leir and his team extracted it from him. The object was exceptionally unbreakable even diamond cutting tools could not break through.

alien implant

Presently Colbern is investigating on a dye found all over abductee’s body which remained in their skin for about a month. According to his observation, the dye is very difficult to wash off and it can only be seen through a special UV-ray lighting as it is invisible to the naked eye. Colbern suspected that the dye is some kind of marker to help aliens to monitor their human experiments.

There are more of these studies that Colbern and Dr. Leir is keeping for future research. They suggest that such cases must be taken seriously by people as it is a worldwide matter. Yes, we are alone in this world but alien objects that Colbern and Dr. Leir remove from multitude of patients are solid evidence, enough to tell that we are receiving visits from the unknown.

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  1. actually from my many numerous books i've read on alien abduction, alot of devices can also be felt. there are bumps behind ears that resemble rashes. also some devices can move around and once a person is abducted again, devices have mysteriously disappeared. it's a fascinating subject!

  2. I know a person who was abducted at 9 years old and implanted and "changed"…They like to implant at or around 10 years. He was visited 4 times that he knows for sure, and implanted at least one more time. The Hopkinsvill aliens implanted many in Kentucky and southern Ill. and Indiana. They are in the air all day and night and we just can't see them. If you were implanted you could

  3. The "Dye" found all over the abductee's body could also be some sort of topical disinfectant or antiseptic to protect the aliens from organisms on the skin of humans. Betadine is a similar substance used by surgical teams on patients prior to an operation. It turns the skin a light brownish-yellow and reduces the risk of surgical infections. Perhaps it would be feasible to take a

  4. These aliens are definetely stupids. While they could implant these highly sophisticated devices in various places where they would be undetectable (like in the abdomen), they will put them in uneasy places like hands, arms, etc … a real mystery !

  5. The loss of Dr. Leir was great for all but there are those who worked with him that still can carry on with his work. Steve Colbern is one of these . Although many answers are yet to be found we must give credit to those who have given up much of their own lives to research and try and help those of us who need help. Steve is one of these people. It has been a difficult road for him as it has been for many. I am sure the answers you get from Steve Colbern are as good as they get. With support from those who seek answers and with time and understanding that UFO research can take a lot from ones personal life, we can only have respect for the work done by Steve, for he has given of his own time and life to help all of us find the truth. Help Steve carry on with this research and you help yourselves.

  6. So Dr. Colbern and the late Dr. Leir claim to have a collection of “many” objects stated to be alien in origin that they have removed from patients. Why have these not been examined and thoroughly tested by a number of respected laboratories and the findings published? The stock answer that every possible lab. is a secret member of the “denial conspiracy” does not cut it.

  7. If you care to research many of the videos on Dr. Leir and his chief scientist Steve Colbern you will see that many of these items have been studied, and sent to labs and you also will find what the results were. The truth is out there! All you need to do is look for it!

  8. Someone i know was abducted several times. when she was preschool age the first implant was placed behind her left eye. they took her eye out part way to do it. she remembered parts of the abduction and it was scary. later they put another implant in the roof of her mouth. she says they are wearing spacesuits. that’s why they look alike. and they communicate through thoughts and feelings. they need us for artificial breeding. she says they are not insects. they understand love.

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