Aurora, Texas – 1897 UFO incident

Aurora UFO Crash

Aurora is a small town in the state of Texas. However, Aurora has been designated as a “historical site” by the government, which is surprising enough considering the sparsely populated stature, dwelling who are simple farming communities and the fact that no such prominent historical events that were known to the world occurred here.

Aurora UFO incident
Newspaper article from April 19, 1897: “A Windmill Demolishes It”

On exploring more about the “historical” significance, it was discovered that UFOs had appeared at this place during 1897. Considering the year 1897, which was five years before the Wright brothers even experimented their first flight, sighting a flying object was one of the strangest things to see. Also, considering the lack of technology and communication links prevailing back then, this incident failed to gain much significance and importance. Apparently, sightings of the UFO happened all over the country, finally before appearing clearly in a small and otherwise never heard of the town, Aurora.

On the 17th of April at 6 AM in the morning, the otherwise usual day for the residents of Aurora was entirely different. People who started their day early were taken aback to spot an airship slowly moving at a speed ranging from 10 to 12 miles approximately. As per the residents, the slow speed was due to a malfunction or damage in the machinery of the airship. Various accounts claim that the UFO had never been flying so close to the Earth before, during the earlier times it was spotted.

Alien Gravesite in Aurora Cemetery
Alien Gravesite in Aurora Cemetery

The UFO flew gradually over the public square before proceeding towards the Northern part of the town, with the onlookers watching the incident while being bewildered. However, when it reached the Northern Part of Aurora, it hit the windmill owned by a Judge J.S. Proctor. Due to the impact of the collision, the aircraft came down crashing and burst into pieces, resulting in a terrific explosion. The residents of Aurora rushed to the spot to discover the debris. The tower of the windmill was destroyed, and the debris were found scattered all around in acres of land. This collision also destroyed the water tank and also the flower garden of Proctor. However, there is no information about the type of wreckage and debris obtained at the crash site. But as per rumors, the debris consisted of hieroglyphic-type etching.

On close examination, the residents found that a badly disfigured body was found, and apparently was the only one on board the spacecraft. Even in the disgruntled state, it was apparent and clear to identify that the body found did not belong to this world, thereby concluding that it was a non-earthly being in the UFO that crashed. The residents, without any knowledge, went ahead to dispose of the body and clear the debris. The apparent alien was given a proper burial as per Christian rites and customs by the residents, in the Aurora cemetery.

Aurora cemeteryThe Texas Historical Commission put up a marker near the grave of the alien, summarizing the incident about how it happened, as per the accounts of residents. The mystery further intensified when the property of Judge Proctor was purchased by Mr. Brawley Oates. He used the water from the well, which was also subject to debris of the airship and eventually, fell ill and extremely complicated case of arthritis. He claimed that it was a result of consumption of water contaminated by the debris and sealed the well soon.

With this incident gaining prominence slowly, UFO investigators started investigating this incident. Attempts were made to exhume and examine the remains of the “unearthly body” that was buried by the residents. The Aurora Cemetery Association, however challenged this move and was successful in stopping the attempts to exhume the body. More details about the alien body still continue to be a mystery, with no much information available on this matter. However, after several attempts, a new eyewitness who was also present during this incident could be contacted to throw more light into the matter. Mary Evans, 15 years old when this incident happened, discussed how her parents went to the crash site and restricted her from accompanying them fearing the scene prevailing at the crash site. When contacted, she had turned 91 years old and said that she had entirely forgotten about the incident until she read a report regarding the same in a newspaper. Mary Evans went on to describe how her parents spoke about the “small body” that was disfigured and about the body not being an inhabitant of Earth.

A North Texas State University professor also tried to gather more information about this incident. He claimed to have found a few metal fragments in a gas station in the vicinity of Judge Proctor’s property. The professor said that one metal fragment was the “most intriguing” as it was comprised of iron but failed to exhibit magnetic properties, which all materials consisting of iron do.

With no concrete evidence about the Aurora UFO sighting, mainly due to the non-availability of evidence and unreachable eyewitnesses, mystery continues to shroud regarding the UFO sighting.

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  1. “The professor said that one metal fragment was the “most intriguing” as it was comprised of iron but failed to exhibit magnetic properties, which all materials consisting of iron do.”
    This is grossly false. As an example, many steel alloys are essentialy made from iron and are NOT magnetic. Most common one used in mechanics is not.

  2. I am seeking your “copyright permission” to download the Google Image [of the UFO crashing into Judge Proctors’ wind mill in 1898] into a segment of a UFO handbook that I am composing! I’m at the email address below. Please reply.rg

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