1. What’s MUFON?

It’s an American institution that doesn’t seek earning, looking into Unidentified Flying Object witnessing experiences. Walter H. Andrus, Allen Utke, John Schuessler among others had built it on May 31, 1969 in Quincy Illinois. Thus, it’s one of the most ancient and biggest non combative UFO examining institutions in the US.

2. The Institution’s goal:

1) Look into UFO witness observations and amass the information into MUFON index so that researchers use them all over the world.

2) Enlighten people on the prevalence of UFO and their impact on a given population.

3. Staff and Requirements:

 1) Staff:

The intuition has in excess of 1500 representatives around the globe; most of them are located in the US. MUFON network organizes a yearly convention and circulates the MUFON UFO Journal month to month. Out of the 1500, 75 are on the field examiners along with special units to look into real organic proof of space being objects.

2) Requirements:

Even though the participants don’t get any money, participants need to study a 265 page handbook and a do background check.

4) How does MUFON analyze an incident?

MUFON gets a lead through connection with local officials and media along with e-mail from base operation. Next the state director hires one or two on field analyzers from the area where the incident took place. They ask questions to people, who saw the UFO, take notes and do drawings to re-visualize the sighting and look into how it’s affected the surroundings. Further interviews with police and neighbors lead to finding of more eyewitnesses. Afterward, the analyzers provide a written interpretation of the whole sighting so the state director can scrutinize it. Furthermore, if there is physical evidence such as pictures or soil samples, expert in those fields look into them. Lastly, all the information is gathered into a directory for comparative study. Consequently, they get more understanding of UFO activities.

5) MUFON and Blue Book

Project Blue Book was looking into UFOs in Middle America during the 1960s at the University of Colorado. However, the US government had dispersed them in 1969. At the same time, Ariel Phenomenon Research Organization was looking into UFO movements on the US west coast at Berkley University. In order to capitalize on Blue Book’s demise and expand their power, ARPO established a new institution named The Midwest UFO Network to look into UFO cases. Since then, it’s been the largest institution and has operations all over the globe.

6) How to become part of MUFON or address a personal UFO experience?

In order to become on the field analyzer for MUFON, one has to join the institution and pay small amount of money, let the state director know of their willingness to join and pass a written test. Afterwards, the applicant teams up with an experienced analyst to get more instructions. If a witness had seen a UFO, they can let the local MUFON office know of their experience through MUFON website.

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  1. am just keep watching ufo net work i just love watching it . every time i see some thing different . but mufon work just wonder full, providing lot informatio abt ufo ,
    but still i dont ubder stand what is true , why world governament not taking any action , & why dis agree abt ufo ?? so far no body knows the reason & how ufo coming from other galaxy every day ?? is it possible ???

  2. the us gov. will never admit to ufos due to the gov. using the found crashed ufo,s goods found at sites to improved there power and I think for our future benefits.

  3. I seen a ufo group in 1966. it was like watching a race in the sky. they the ufo,s were fling so fast from the northwest to the north and then back again to the north, faster than any plain can fly the thing that was amazing was the way they could stop from supersonic speeds to a dead stop, then again. unbeleavable this lasted 15 20 min.

  4. have had quite a few sightings in my life but what my brother and I saw in Iowa, well it was right ahead of us on Hwy.3 west of Homboldt, Ia. Sunday morning and not a cloud in the sky. I was driving and later he told me something got his attention that flew over my car really fast and stopped ahead of us a few hundred feet in the air which is when I saw it. First thought was that it was a blimp however no wings on it. it angled down and crossed over the hwy behind a grove of trees on a farm site. seconds later we passed that farm and it was not there. 1971

  5. why when there is brilliant footage of U S forces interacting with ufo’s your television program features such old footage going back to the early 60’s. is it because your television program is heavily censored and you are not allowed to show this footage. if this is the case you have to ask yourselves just how relevant is your program, and instead of being a help to the battle against the govt and its censorship battle, you are actually part of the problem.

  6. Have you ever heard about any of the sighting around the Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky You might want check out the rumor of a military bunker that has been built inside the cave system. I live near the park and hve heard talk of these things

  7. Hi…my name is Steve Knox in Mountain Grove Mo. You can look me up in your database. I have previously filed a report and someone from your organization tried to contact me by phone but I was unable to return his calls because of threats that I was receiving from this group. I will however be willing to discuss what I know about this.

  8. I have witnessed three separate UFO sightings in my adult life with one sighting especially spiritual. In this sighting I actually ran into tall grass at night thinking it was chasing me. It was very large, somewhat triangle shape, and well lighted. I would enjoy conversing with anyone who has experienced the same type of sighting. I have lived in Texas all my life.

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