New German Documentary Claims To Have Shed Light On The Mysterious UFO Crashed In Roswell

nazi ufo roswell

Roswell UFO conspiracy has been given life once again in a new German documentary, which claims to have opened the door on the true reason behind the popular conspiracy in human history.

The incident has undoubtedly been captured the interest and imagination of conspiracy theorists for almost 70 years since it happened.

The silent New Mexico town suddenly became the centre of attraction for an extra-terrestrial research in history as stories about crashed UFO in the area spread widely all over the world.

When the incident took place in 1947, the U.S. military claimed that the incident was just starred by a crashed surveillance balloon.

Just recently a new German documentary claims that it has discovered new evidence after investigating the sightings on July 8, 1947, saying that the rumoured flying saucer was a top secret Nazi rocket.

Titled as “UFOs and the Third Reich,” the documentary points out that the supposed flying saucer was, in fact, a futuristic three metre bell aircraft, which utilized electric particles for flying.

According to Georg Klein, German aeronautical engineer, what he saw in his own eyes was a Nazi UFO.

The U.S. military has maintained its stand that the sighting was a just a crashed weather balloon, creating years of conspiracy theories on an alleged UFO or extra-terrestrial cover-up.

The documentary points out that the Nazi machine was the earlier version of modern stealth fighter and was developed by dozens of experts in rocket, who shifted their loyalty to the U.S. after World War Two.

Igor Witkowski, Polish military historian, once said that Hitler was so determined to put together the greatest engineers and scientists to work the bell-shaped craft.

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  1. This almost sounds like a plausible explanation, except for a number of problems:
    – The Vril/ Hanebu disks, which were discovered after the War, are unlikely to have been put into flying condition in under 18 months. While they might have been operational at the end of the war (and there is some anecdotal evidence to suggest this), it would be unrealistic to imagine they would have been able to create the program, build the US facilities, move the equipment in secret, determine who the scientists were – remember, they did have project Paperclip, which brought over NAZI scientists including Werner Von Braun – but again, to sort through all this, knowing how the government works, seems unrealistic in this short timeframe.
    – secondly, who were the ‘dwarfs’ then, flying the craft? Too many witnesses to the small coffins, the bodies seen,.. was the US Army using Circus Freaks as pilots (to cut down operational loading characteristics??). C’mon, this is the biggest problem, unless we already had aliens helping us, as some believe.
    – some allegations include that the Nazi ‘Bell’ photos are fakes, not appearing on the ufology scene until the 1990’s. I cannot confirm or deny this point of view (POV), but if this is true, there ought to be plenty of witnesses..xxooxx

  2. My God, even the picture of Hitler is faked. The Swastika armband is backwards, and he’s “Zieg Heiling” with his left arm. But more to the point, if the Nazis had had such futuristic weapons, why didn’t they use them?? So-called “news” items like this bring nothing but discredit to the UFO community.

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