Extraterrestrial Women in Japan

UFO in Japan

According to Japanese folk tale, extraterrestrials visited planet Earth in the 19th century. Many stories and theories have been telling that aliens have been visiting Earth secretly for many centuries now. However, this particular folktale from Japan, which believed to happen in the early 1800s, continues to inspire many UFO enthusiasts and believers.

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  1. The overall shape & the flange in the middle is the same as described by Robert Taylor,the Scottish forestry worker & also resembles the declassified sketch from the national archives of a landed craft near Bentwaters/Woodbridge perimeter fence which had an Ankh on the side & the same flange,windows etc

    • do you know what kind of ufo, which was the last one I saw 3 years ago, is shaped like an upside-down, 3-pole telephone pole? one vertical pole, and the 2 horizontal poles on the lower-half. I have been trying to find if it’s some sort of symbol. I haven’t seen it anywhere. this thing was hanging in the air, quite far up because I caught it with binoculars, unmoving, in daylight, and then vanished while I was watching it.

  2. This sounds very much like the German “Bell” It was rumoured that time travel had been invented by a society called The Vril. Maria Orzich was famed as having strange powers and along with many members of the society went missing along with the “Bell” which was said to be a machine that could travel back in time. Maria it is noted had long red hair and red eyelashes and was extremely beautiful and enchanting. She has been seen in many parts of the world from 1919 to present day. It was thought that the Vril society and especially Orzich had the means of communications with extraterrestrials
    from the Aldebaran solar system. It;s so easy to see why every man she comes in contact with falls for her beauty.

  3. Our Gods are nothing but extraterrestrials.

    The sooner we realize that it will be good for our planet, otherwise we are going to destroy life on this planet, instead of nurturing it.

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