Flying saucer photographed over Houston, Texas 23-May-2015

flying saucer

I just received this UFO report:

Submitted by: Dana C.
Location: Down Town Houston, Texas
Date & Time: 5/23/2015 – 8:44pm

Witness report: I was at the downtown Houston skate park on Sabine St. with my family. We were leaving and the skyline looked really pretty and I wanted to take some pictures while I was outside (no glass of windows that could have reflected anything) at 8:44pm before I got into the car. I noticed what I thought was an airplane and another lighted blinking object and thought how it would add to my night time, lit up building photos. When I got it the car and looked at my photos I saw the object and quickly noticed it was an UFO that has been reported before by various people around the world. I looked back outside and it was gone. I looked to see if any objects were at the height of where the object was. Nothing. No street lights either. In the pictures you can see the object moved across and up. When I took the pictures, I stood in the same spot and the times of the photos (4), taken on my IPhone, are all within one minute at 8:44pm. I have tired to do some research and this object has been seen in Houston, Hong Kong and other various places.

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  1. They are real, such objects are seen to often. Another question is, who operates them and if the pilots are not humans, what their agenda is.

    • On May 21,2015 between 9:05-9:20pm, in Spring Branch…Houston TX…looking east, toward downtown…my husband, I and our son were in the backyard and saw low, large, strange looking and strange moving lights that were oval and had bright white and red lights that intensified on and off during our sighting. The object moved and stoped and sat there for about 1 min.,…then moved on a straight horizontal line to the North and sat there for about 1 min.,…you could here a low, humming, pulsating sound…the red lights intensified and then it appeared to be descending and vanished. My husband thought it appeared to be reving up and taking off directly east,instead of descending. He also said it was probabally larger than it appeared to be with the naked eye and that it was over the Heights /Downtown area. Our son shot a video on his phone. What we saw with our naked eyes and what was caught on the video looked totally different. The video showed a white single orb that was darting around, not sitting there, during the time, the orb darted around up and down, sideways and all over the place, then the orb began to intensify in size and color, from small star like size to a larger round mid sized full moon size, then smaller to larger again and from white to red to a green/blue. Then vanished.

  2. It’s just a street lamp.
    You can see it on Google Street View:


      • sorry, it’s a street light, you never experienced lens reflections, anyway, go give a look,-95.375368,3a,37.8y,115.9h,97.06t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1sF68s7Is2jZz0ZeySC0KZaQ!2e0?hl=it
        and scroll down the page here also

    • a streetlamp! good gravy how in the ever loving world could you say this! you may as well say it’s an elephant!!

  3. Yes, non-human airline pilots, they are much superior to us (at least they think so). There are so many objects flying over Houston, especially over my house (I live on flight path for planes landing at IAH). My question REALLY is where are the people’s reports who are DIRECTLY UNDERNEATH some of these appearances. No reports because they can see what it actually is, plane, helicopter, drone, blimp, who knows. Lights in the sky photographed by one person is not a UFO, just a MIFO, a Mis-Identified Flying Object.

      • Hi Janet, sorry but Ufoofinterest is just right, please go look at
        scroll down till you find the pictures, and by the way, it did happened a reflection like that to me too, front of a cathedral, I can send the pictures to anybody who wants

  4. With all the flooding and devastation Texas is going through right now, it doesn’t surprise me when objects like this make themselves visible. I have my own pictures of objects within severe storms. I notice that they become more obvious when events such as flooding, large earthquakes, and/or natural disasters are in the process of happening. Seems to me they are observing what is happening around the area of a natural disaster.

  5. I am not surprised that there are so few ‘other’ poeople reporting sightings. These days, folk are less observant and rarely look up and study the sky and its wonders. I have seen strange lights while in company yet when I ask if they have seen the lights, they genuinely did not because they were not looking. Usually, by the time you’ve alerted people to your sighting, the object has gone. Until everyone starts observing our skies properly, we will not see them. The area of sky which we see, is very very small and sighting are often very very quick, so the lack of confirmations is understandable. I keep an open mind about it all and my eyes scan the sky for answers. We should all do the same instead of surrendering our time and efforts on the likes of facebook, twitter etc. They are good in their own way, but there is a real world out there and we are missing what it going on.

    • michelle i couldn’t agree with you more. people today have no clue where they are living. most don’t even go outside, let alone look up into the sky. faces are planted in media devices. kids are always inside and sheltered. parents are too busy with work and taking care of kids. i have always looked into the sky, and i always will.

    • I always look up and observe the sky and have taught our kiddos to do the same. That’s why when we all saw an unusual lights in the sky over Houston on May 21, 2015…9:05-9:20 pm…we knew it was not of this earth. Went thru all of the possibilities and saw what we caught on video and how it was different than what our naked eyes saw and knowing our military/government…it was none of those!!!

  6. I agree with the sky watching. I live in the North and often see the Northern Lights, yet I was astonished when a near neighbour said he had got scared, one night when he saw strange lights in the sky, and he was in his 40s and said he’d never seen the Northern lights before. Must have never looked up, since he was born!!!

  7. Circular Lighted UFOs Seen Over Ho Chi Minh City and Houston

  8. This is just a reflection, please accept that, it’s so clear, anyway to make it even more evident, everybody is invited to give a look at just scroll down the page till you ll find the pictures

  9. In one evening in 1973 a group of us watched with binoculars a similar UFO over Houston for 45 minutes as the ring of lights slowly revolved, while remaining in a stationary position. Suddenly, within 2-3 seconds (estimated) it ascended into the night sky and was gone. I remember it as if it were yesterday.

  10. It is indeed lens flare caused by the streetlight below which is IDENTICAL in appearance to the “ufo”. Click the link below to see a graphical explanation + comparison. Yes, lens flare works exactly like this and would cause the “ufo” to appear to be way up above where the streetlight actually is.

  11. There is no way that this is a lens flair you idiots! I see lens flares all the time in the photographs of UFO reports, this is nothing like them. The types of lamps here are frosted globes, IF it were a lens flare it would be a solid smear of light, not a ring of 12 distinct lights! This is typical of the kind of rote debunking that skeptics fall back on when facing what they rather did not exist.

  12. The Italian site, are you talking about the May 8, San Diego report of a UFO? That was an atmospheric inversion causing a mirage, an entirely different animal. Nice, point to an Italian site, like many of us can read Italian.

  13. Here are lens flares for those who want to be educated.


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