Moonwalker Edgar Mitchell Speaks: UFO Cover-Ups Must End

Edgar-Dean-Mitchell coverup

If you are familiar with NASA astronauts, you have probably heard of Edgar Dean Mitchell Sc.D., the retired Captain and American pilot in the United States Navy at the same time. As a Lunar pilot of Apollo 14, Mr. Mitchell spent 9 hours working on the lunar, becoming as the sixth person to walk on the Moon. With regards to the controversial belief in UFOs as well as a possible government cover-up, Mitchell shared his experience and opinion. While on the active job as a test pilot, he finished and completed an aeronautical engineering at the U.S. Naval Postgraduate School. He also completed a doctorate in aeronautics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. During the Korean War as a fighter pilot, he served combat in 1970 and was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

After retiring in 1972, he later wrote, “The Way of the Explorer,” documenting his experiences in space and mysticism. From the documentary film entitled “The Phoenix Lights, We Are Not Alone,” roughly five minutes, Mitchell explicates some alien cover-ups that have allegedly been going on for decades. In an interview, he was asked whether he became emotional as he stepped on the moon or if he considered it as a part of the long list. He admitted that his moon experience is a part of his long list of the journey. Furthermore, he claimed that they planned the whole thing, and they even wanted to rewrite it and modify some stuff.

Since UFO sighting are being reported by many people in different countries, he believed that most of them were credible. On the next question, he was asked as to why the cases were covered up. He pointed out the justification by leadership officials who think that people were not ready to handle the reality. His answer was his opinion; therefore, no harm is done.

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  1. Personal opinion and belief. We live in a world which is paranoid with surveillance madness. That is the problem with the government(s). Admitting that there are extraterrestrial civilizations that are capable of interstellar flight would collapse each and every religion onthis planet. Not from a moral perspective, but from the fundamental fact that we live in a 4th dimensional continuum, and the realization of that empirical fact makes the question of free will and predestination utterly moot. That alone will self-destruct our little anthill!

    • I think that statement is a bit sweeping. I doubt if each and every religion on earth would collapse ( and would that be a bad thing?) I’m sure there are millions of free thinking and religious people all over the world who would welcome full disclosure and be as fascinated by other worlds as if they were a foreign country.

  2. I always like to hear what Edgar Mitchell has to say. Since the ET element is a fact I still feel that they isolate themselves from us for other reasons. Probably a large population of the Earth has come from Off Planet countries at one time but they or we look like them with the exception of health and mental abilities such as psychic communication and manipulation of thoughts. I’m curios about the Greys and others who don’t look like us. We never see or hear anything about the social life of these people or their pets. It’s probable the Earth was seeded thousands of years ago with plants and trees from everywhere that would help us survive as a species. I would think this would be the goal of finding Goldilocks planets and make them usable, kind of like the Johnny Appleseed Syndrome.

  3. Our government refuses to listen to important people who love America deeply. Astronaut Edgar Mitchell is one those very important men who our government refuses to listen to when Mr. Mitchell says our government should have full disclosure, and share the technology with our Russian brothers, with whom we have shared vital advancements in many fields. I believe America is hiding alien technology from many of our allies, and we should end this COLD WAR MENTALITY, and work together on common grounds, in case the human race is ever threatened from a more advance alien race.

  4. Whatever becomes of this ufo business, it will by no means collappse my belief in the Bible and Jesus Christ. Why would it. The Bible addresses all that call them interdimensional beings , the bible calls them angels, nephilim, annunaki etc. You claim multiverses, the Bible does also. Heaven, hell, purgatory, paradise, sheol etc.The Bible claims all matter was created from nothing, quantum physics says that matter can pop in and out of existance at the quantum level. The Bible claims conciousness exists seperately from the brain. At the research universities across the world the super educated elite are whispering amongst themselves that indeed the brain and themind exist seperately from each other. Evidence? People who have half their brain removed due to epilipsy have normal functioning and earn university degrees when according to lib dogma conciousness is just the accumulation of the biological functions of fhe brain. If half your brain is removed then you should be incapable of thinking at all. There is a least one hydrocephalic man who was missing 95percent of the thinking part of his brain yet he was up for a Phd in math last I heard.I saw his X-ray. Anyway when your interdimensional beings are finally brought to light I wont be the least suprised. My interdimensional beings ( angels and saints) will be waiting and provide any guidance I will need. Just like they do now.
    You arrogant science guys are going to climb a huge mountain of knowledge and when you get to the top your going to find a bunch of theologians waiting there for you to discover the error in your ways.

  5. Theodore martin…you are on the right track IMO, but science and theology are coming closer together all the time, not further apart.
    For example….the “god particle”, that special ingredient that allows matter to form and come together, quantum physics as you mentioned, and the idea that the brain is simply a receptacle of all universal knowledge that exists around us all the time is one of my pet beliefs. All these ideas are slowly being proven by science not discarded. Go easy on the scientists , everybody has their own way of finding the truth.

  6. For those who wish to see science and spirituality meet
    and coalesce,research and study all you can on the most studied
    religious relic in the world, the Shroud of Turin. And to add one simple fact – There are aliens and extraterrestrial life in all the
    universes, one such group is known as human beings.

  7. Seems someone on this site has a problem with the scientific study of the Shroud of Turin, whereas Tom stated above that science and theology are coming closer together. Commenting on this fact and seeing my comment removed, which I don’t understand why, does not change my belief that my research over forty years on the reality of the existence of UFOs and extraterrestrials is of any less importance.

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