VIDEO: Unknown lights hovering above Conyers, Georgia 3-Jun-2015

georgia ufo

Here’s a new footage of a bright unknown objects hovering in the sky above Conyers in US state Georgia. This was taken on 3rd June 2015.

Witness report: I am the Chief Meteorologist for WSB TV in Atlanta. A viewer send me this.
100 little red dots following airline path over conyers headed west please tell me what it was.
He has great video. I have attached what she sent. 

Author (source: mufon)

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  1. I shot 57 images at night with my Canon 5Defs of UFOs moving around the sky near Big Bear Lake, Ca. Here’s one with the blue rod and red orb

  2. I found this because i also saw …pretty much what you have recorded but i live in new zealand, it was on the 4th of june technicaly. it was a very full moon and about 4 oclock in the morning… i knew it was them 🙁 i have seen about 5 instances in the past 9mnths…only when iv been in rural areas aswel.

  3. To deny the existence of UFO’s is like saying we are the only species living in galaxies to numerous to even attempt to count because of the vastness of space, and the distance of one million miles between stars, should convince anyone that we are not alone. A good place to start learning is by reading Eric Von Daniken’s ” Chariot of the God’s” and it may take you on a journey like the one I have been on for the past three years, I can not get enough information on all the topics that clearly explain the roles of the different species of Aliens that exist in the heavens and their history, as it relates to visitations to earth.

  4. My daughter, 2 of her friends and I saw something very similar 4 years ago in Lawrenceville, GA; a cluster of fast moving lights that then became a column moving almost directly over my home. Soundless, fast, with one glowing light. Must of been 20 or more of them. I couldn’t record it it effectively, but this captures it almost exactly. I reported to MUFON as well who investigated, with no conventional explanation available.

  5. I would like to verify the identity of these flying objects in conyers ga. A group of friends including myself were sending off sky lanterns for a fallen friend of ours bday. Just lookup #forever27 on facebook.

  6. I know this to be a true sighting. They actually appear out of no where in silence. But what I have found to be common in my sightings, is before the orange orbs appear, white flashing orbs dances across the sky. Then out of nowhere, the orange orbs shows up.

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