Chinese Monks Spot UFO Hovering Over their Monastery in the Anhui Province

China UFO

Monks have always been considered as the holy people, which make them reliable witnesses. Therefore, it’s difficult to doubt the reports made by monks in China who saw a UFO hovering over their monastery. Fortunately, the occurrence captured on surveillance footage. It shows a luminous, glowing object that is continuously changing its shape. When it flew into the hall of the temple in Anhui province on Friday night, the Monks were alerted. Father Shi Xing Kong said that as soon as he hears the alarm, he got up to turn the alarm system off before checking and didn’t see unusual things. He saw the UFO when he looked at the monitor, as reported by the Chinese People’s Daily Online.

The mysterious shimmering object has left the monks completely baffled. As for the hypothesis, a meteorological expert has ruled out lightning. For seven minutes, the video shows the object hovering over the monastery, changing shapes and flying inside the temple for a brief moment. Afterwards, the UFO started to rotate quickly. At first, the monks thought that the UFO has an apple-shaped a flying saucer.

As for the final verdict on its appearance, assumption outside the temple might range from insect to toy drone to ball lightning. When the local meteorologist felt that the UFO is a slow-moving phenomenon, he discounted the ball lightning theory and preferred the bug idea, claiming that the latter glow as the camera gets closer. Did he combine the principles and thought that it’s a lightning bug? Furthermore, the meteorologist questioned whether or not the UFO went into the temple.

In China, social media users have been trapped by the mysterious object. One person joked that Aliens came to buy tofu, making an allusion to the nearby Mountain where the tofu originated. Whatever the UFO was, the monks are fully charged in anticipation of the next visit.

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  1. This is very interesting this is the Entity. These Monks did see the real ball of light Entitys they can change shape and they are very interested what we do these Entitys love to learn about us.As you may know i have been with these lights.

  2. This video shows images cut – probably from larger ones – as indicated by the moving frame (a surveillance camera would be still). So, this piece of evidence lacks the minimum credibility.

    • why do you mean? the only thing moving is the object. i don’t see any moving frames from any other films. the surveillance camera is still.

  3. I seen 6 for the firat time
    About 1 or 1 thousand ft.up
    They were bright red lights
    I got it on my phone video
    At night .i was driveing

  4. I captured similar object with my camera not long ago. It reminds me of Agni Yoga Society symbol.If you are intrested look for Nicholas Roerich. An ancient Tibetan story tell about the Hi-mori, an “airhorse” that flies through the sky (similar to a Vimana) and carries with it the sacred stone of Chintamani. Short version:

  5. Look at UFO’s all you want. I want to communicate with aliens. Preferably from a different galaxy. No, I don’t want those from NYC’s Bowery, or the east end of Cleveland.

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