Live ISS Stream Footage: Legendary Black Knight Satellite


Today, unidentified flying objects are becoming increasingly popular. You can see them in modern movies featuring spacecraft and aliens. In fact, it is a favorite subject because people who spoke out about it are often subjected to ridicule. However, what if the one is claiming it is a professional hunter? Mister Enigma, an expert UFO hunter in YouTube reports seeing a legendary Black Knight satellite on Live ISS Stream in NASA. If you go over the news related to strange objects, you will be able to appreciate the uniqueness of this particular sighting.  In this recorded footage, it suggests that it could be a legendary Black Knight satellite. It is a well-noted principle that the satellite is not an ordinary one, but rather an ancient alien to have orbited the Earth for 13,000 years. When it comes to the theory, the Alien Black Knight satellite is a rich and fascinating one.

Black Knight seen during STS-88 Mission

The conspiracy theory evidently originated on May 14, 1954, when many reports circulating in the newspaper that the USAF detected satellites orbiting the Earth spotted by Donald Keyhoe. His claim drawn public attention because there is no country developed a technology that launch satellites into space.

In 1960, U.S. Navy detected a tumbling dark object weighing ten tons in Earth orbit. At first, it appears as a Soviet spy satellite with an orbital period of 104.5 minutes. In 1963, an astronaut Gordon Cooper claimed to see a strange greenish object during the Mercury 9 space flights. According to conspiracy theorists, NASA later claimed that Cooper’s report was a mistake caused either by Copper’s excess carbon dioxide breathing or by electronics malfunction.

According to conspiracy theorists, NASA suppresses the evidence when they remove the photos from their website. When the photos reemerged, NASA explained that the photos previously removed due to space junk.  Conspiracy theorists claim that the photos are of high quality and clearly show an alien craft. Regardless of your personal belief, aliens and extraterrestrial creatures are still part of our lives. The fabulous descriptions, photos and recorded footage that were being discovered provide some basis for the belief that other life exists on the earth.

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  1. That’s a reflection off the window of the ISS, and that other picture they showed is a piece of insulation that was accidentally dropped by one of the astronauts while installing them.

  2. The craft seen near the ISS and in one photograph, seen docked with the ISS and in a live feed which was promptly “greyed out”, show a shuttle type craft, akin to the X37-B which the non-terrestrial crew of the US (i.e. military personnel trained to work off world) approach the ISS or dock with it.

    Many of the former non-military space shuttle missions (before the space shuttle was moth balled), were canceled, and non-disclosed military projects given priority (hence NASA’s silence).

    However, the “Black Knight” in your photograph, does look interesiting. It isn’t unlikely, that aliens orbit our planet; Especially considering the amount of UFO sightings (some of which can be attributed to the sighting of black projects) and alien abductions.

    I used to be a representative for MUFON, and interviewed a pilot, who got a UFO on radar, but at the time no access to radar data was permitted (ground radar run by NATO). The pilot sketched the read out for me, and the UFO, was the size of a mountain. It passed either overhead or underneath a Fokker Friendship F27, without causing turbulence, and at considerable speed.

    We are being visited by other beings, be they interplanetary, intergalactic or interdinmensional. I’ve seen many strange things myself, incl. those that seem to change colour and shape before disappearing into another dimmension.

    • i’m amazed that you saw changing color/shape things that disappear just like that! why do you suppose you have seen so many things?

  3. I’d be inclined to go with the window reflection explanation. Whatever it is, it appears to be attached to the station in one way or another.

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