Most remarkable UFO sightings in August 2015

Most remarkable UFO sightings in August 2015 by

August 2015; unknown object – Iznik, Turkey

4th August 2015; unknown object – Valparaiso, Chile

22nd August 2015; orb – Sydney, Australia

30th August 2015; IR UFO – Las Vegas, Nevada

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  1. I was on the Britannia Cruise ship in Norway between Aug 29 and 5th Sept. Around the 1st or 2nd Sept I was on the balcony in the early hours of the morning (about 2am). All of a sudden this bright yellow orb shape (quite big) came up from behind one of the mountains it floated over to the left then hovered for a bit then suddenly shot over the boat and out of site! I didn’t have my camera with me so couldn’t take a picture and it happened so quickly. I wasn’t sure what it was but, looking at some footage on here I am now convinced it was a UFO!

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