Alien Hunters Claim: UFOs Are Hounding International Space Station on an Almost Daily Basis


Do aliens genuinely exist? If so, why is it that there is no physical evidence? What are the odds of other planets harboring life? For decades, humanity has been asking questions about the existence of terrestrial beings. It is not until the advent of present day technology and flight that we have started to label these odd sightings as Unidentified Flying Objects.

Last month, there were five strange UFO sightings reported on the ISS cameras. Several videos were being taken from NASA live cameras on the ISS. The cameras in orbit are 250 miles above the earth, containing strange Unidentified Flying Objects posted on both YouTube and paranormal websites. The frequency of strange objects on the cameras houses six astronauts and is currently increasing, according to the conspiracist, speculating they may be proof of “secret tests” undertaken by NASA. It was on October 1 that the latest object being filmed, and it clearly shows a glowing object that is moving towards the space station, underneath the orbit. Scott C Waring, the Alien conspiracist editor of a prominent website regarding odd objects, speculated that the object could either be a UFO or a top secret project in which NASA is a part.

According to Jessie Carter, the slow movement is baffling to him. He asked people regarding their thoughts about the craft. As with Jessie Carter, he is on site to research. Then, he experienced similar situations of what is in the video in Illinois at 8.15 pm. If you happen to be a star gazer, you will notice that it was a clear sky with stars out. Another video posted on YouTube on September 17 that show a glowing object, this time, the object travels alongside the ISS. Just three days another person, uploaded a video of an orb object, which the ISS appeared to pass beneath. The daily success sightings warrant the conclusion that strange orb UFOs are being seen every day. In fact, it has already become the tourist attraction of aliens.

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  1. Seriously? You have no other explanation as to why a light slowly travels across the sky while gazing out of the international space station? Couldn’t this just be a star or planet that is appearing to move by the natural rotation of the space station around the planet?

  2. The more we write about sighting around the ISS the more credence we give to the fact that NASA wants the World to believe we have Space Station up there.(Funding is important to them) NASA has stated that it was impossible to exist Earth or be to high ie above 400 km height due to radiation !The ISS flight sequences are made within the water tank, and in three of their large cargo planes in zero gravity fall.

  3. Why has the stars and s called millions of Universes not changed their positions for the past 3500 Years ?
    Th whole system over a period of 24 hours turnpike center, and is always visible to either side of the 6 months period of our so called travel around the Sun ? What you see now, will be the same all over the world ? Weird is it not ? Only our so called Planets appear to move over our horizons in very country. Perhaps a view of the flat earth and their ideas may clear up the Stars and Universe point of view. NASA hates them for their point of view !

  4. GOOD COMMENTS .. as for there name broken down to NEVER A STRAIGHT ANSWER JUST ABOUT SUMS IT UP LOL ..We really dont know our true REALITY at all we are just told LIES from every which way lol as the media makes a joke about everything to do with ufos and anything that different from mainstream way of thinking .AND as for the flat earth theory there is a small argument for support to the fact also if you look hard enough . WE really dont know whats up above earth in orbit so we just maybe have to take their word for it for now or until its proven otherwise …

  5. also skeptics often say where is the evidence to support that ufos or aliens exist ..SO have you ever thought that they could be looking in the WRONG place and maybe here on EARTH HIDDEN in plain sight where they have been for hundreds or thousands of years and WE the puplic just dont know it . as there is proof of treaties made to keep them hidden away from the population …

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