A Video Footage Shows UFO over Saudi: A Truth or a Myth?


Virtually any newbie who enters search phrases in search engines such as “UFO sightings”, “Triangular Objects” or “UFO Videos” will probably be amazed at the significant amount of results accessible. Practically speaking, Unidentified Flying Objects are mysterious subject matters that are soaring in the sky that are not subject to identification. They are not necessarily a rare object in a sense that they are being seen for the first time.

Your fascination with phenomena associated with mysterious flying objects will be hitting an increasing number of sightings. However, one that strikes is the reported strange objects that were seen soaring in the sky Over Saudi. The question is, is it a truth or a myth? The subject matter is a glaring unidentified flying object sighted over Saudi Arabia on night time. According to the astronomers, the odd object was also seen soaring places nearby Yemen and Oman. The footage was being spotted, and after that recorded by an amateur photographer who happens to be on a desert safari in Eastern Saudi Arabia. According to the witness, he saw the strange object at a medium altitude that flew slowly, and without sound. According to the photographer Mohammed Al, which published an incredible short film, the professed object had been also spotted over Oman and Yemen but no conclusive findings yet.

The fact that the alleged mysterious object was being seen in nearby places, there is a possibility that it could be continuously soaring in the sky. Now of course these sightings had to be explained by any means necessary since you just cannot admit to having unknown aerial objects flying over restricted air space. Much video clips noted on YouTube are typically the project of bored computer or laptop whizz-kids utilizing precise yet consequently clear outcome. Therefore, more knowledgeable readers will help deal with the true sightings from the knockoffs.

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  1. whatever it was it was moving slowly because if you watch the sky and stars there is definitely a time-lapse. it’s not very long though.

  2. I saw things like this when I was a child in Arizona. Streams of light across the night sky. Dozens at a time. They were meteors. This may not be one…but it looks like one.

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