Christmas Tree UFOs Reported Over Tennessee

Tennessee UFO | Symbolic picture

A man at Bluff City in Sullivan County, Tennessee claimed to have seen two sets of Christmas tree-like UFOs with lights. According to his testimony filed in Case 73064 in Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database, he was in a vehicle driven by a friend around 6 p.m. on December 10, 2015, as they were traveling along Chinquapin Grove Road during a drive from Cater County to Sullivan County.

The reporting witness was sitting in the passenger seat when he saw the UFOs to his left shortly and then to his right, just above the Holston Mountain. It appeared as if several UFOs flew in sets of two.

According to the reporting witness, one set was traveling side-by-side, while another set was hovering over the mountain, but they weren’t side-by-side, one was above the other. The witness went on to say that they resembled flashing Christmas trees, but no mountains or trees as their background because they were flying in the sky.

The witness said that each set had a different color as one appeared orange-red, and the other one had bluish-white. The witness believes other people could have seen these UFOs too.
The reporting witness and his friend stopped their vehicle along Weaver Pike Road and got out of the vehicle for a better vantage point.

They saw a helicopter with a spotlight going to the area following one of the unusual Christmas tree craft. They saw one flying at a low level with a sound similar to a jet, but much softer for the given distance. No videos or photos were included with the report filed on December 11, 2015.

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  1. I’ve been there, BTW. There is a BBQ restaurant near Bluff City that was mentioned in the very first ‘road food’ book. The place is in the mountains, in the middle of nowhere

  2. Bluff City is near the Bristol Raceway where there is a huge display of Christmas lights during this holiday season. Has anyone else reported this phenomenon? Is there any possibility there was a reflection of the Bristol Raceway lights? I do think it’s curious that these are described as “Christmas Tree UFO” lights. A cloud anomaly needs to be ruled out.

  3. no. I saw them close up from a moving vehicle and standing still by the roadside. they flew right by us and over top of us. They were close and we both (the other witness) could not believe what we were seeing. The way they flew was not like a conventional aircraft and all but one made no noise. I have spoken to at least five other people who saw the same type of craft in the area at different times. There was no doubt that they were flying objects and they were incredibly real. It makes no difference to me if you believe. I know what I saw and so does the other witness. They were being chased or shadowed by a white helicopter with no markings and the sighting was not in complete darkness, so there was no confusing these with reflections or christmsa lights, as far as I’m concerned

  4. This was not a cloud anomaly or an illustion. They flew right alongside our car at a low level before acending higher and the manner in which they flew was not like any conventional aircraft I have ever seen. I witnessed these craft from both a moving vehicle and from a stationary position and they were so close that I know they were flying craft and nothing else. Some were low, some were high in the sky, some flew overhead and all but one was silent. The witness and myself included could not believe what we were seeing, but nonetheless, I don’t need anyone to believe me… I know what I saw. After we parked, a white, unmarked helicopter with a searchlight was chasing or shadowing them. They were definitely flying objects like nothing I have ever seen before and four of them flew along side us for 2-3 miles before we stopped. They were so low and close at first that it was a little scary. Since then, I have spoken to at least 5 other people who have seen the same craft in or around that area at different times and I know this is not something that can be easily dismissed as a reflection or Christmas lights. Just thought I’d say that much. Thanks for reading. (-witness)

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