Most remarkable UFO sightings in November 2015

Most remarkable UFO sightings in November 2015 by

early November 2015; ring-shaped object – Chile

1st November 2015; daytime UFO – Tlaquepaque, Mexico

7th November 2015; bright strange light – California, United States

8th November 2015; two fast UFOs – Moone Ponds, Australia

13th November 2015; triangle-shaped object – Melbourne, Australia

10th November 2015; huge objects in the sky – Kentucky

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  1. RE: Australia Nov 8- Think I saw similar event from north Tasmania- went to bed about midnight and as drew drapes- looked up and saw a bright flash of light in high velocity travelling upwards with tail of light. If it was a meteor of space fragment would have not been- travelling upwards!It was also large scale and close in atmosphere as if I had just seen it shoot up from close to earth.Did nothavea camera and was quick flash, but definitely there.

  2. PEOPLE HAVE TO LEARN TO REST THE CAMERA ON A SOLID SURFACE” Get the object in focus on a solid surface then zoom in. ALL the videos are so shaky .

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