CIA Files Reveal Hidden UFO Sightings That Could Be Bigger Than Roswell


CIA files, which appear to be a top secret from the 1950s, reportedly expose an explosive truth about alien UFOs visiting Earth.

The documents have details of encounters with flying saucers and aliens. Stunned witnesses describe unusual craft moving fast through the skies. Others mention meetings with shadowy figures or noises in space.

If proven true, the accounts are as incredible as, or even more amazing than the alleged alien crash at Roswell.

The 1952 file includes Oskar Linke’s sworn testimony. Linke was the mayor of Gleimershausen in Germany. He claimed to have spotted two entities in shiny metallic clothing, and one of the two had a glowing lamp on his body.

Next to the two was a massive object that resembled a huge frying pan, which the two climbed when Oskar’s daughter called out to him.

He said the object ascended in a horizontal position, turned toward a neighbouring town, and then vanished above the heights and forests.

He went to the place where the object had been when he saw it. He was surprised to discover a circular opening in the ground that seemed to be freshly dug.

The file indicates that many other residents in the same area later claimed they saw a comet-like object at the time.

Another file from the same year depicts two fiery disks lurking above a uranium mine, which was then the Belgian Congo.

The two mysterious things glided in elegant curves, the witness described. It then made a stop in mid-air and took off in a zig-zag manner.

Commander Pierre flew after the disks from an airfield in Elisabethville, now known as Lubumbashi. Pierre, who was known to be a dependable airman, estimated their speed to be around 900mph. He also provided a sketch of the two UFOs.

One more report from that year is from May, which involved a bizarre object that emitted flashes of light over Barcelona. Valentin Garcia, the journalist witness, said his office was flooded with many phone calls from people who claimed to see the same object.

Several different witnesses reported similar sightings above Casblanca in Morocco, Algiers in Tunisia, Meknes, and Taorirt.

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    • well, if the phenomenon is worldwide …any serious study must be.
      If Ufo move at high speed (like described by witnesses or caught on radar)..the same object could enter and leave “airspace” or space in very short time.

      Borders doesn’t really make sense in this case, and anyway CIA ” is mainly focused on overseas intelligence gathering” (wiki)

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