Listen to Classified Alien Voice Recording


A new video claims that an alien from another planet made the first contact with humanity after losing its home.

The Sheivae Project releases a video that claims to show the authentic recording of an alien named Sheivae. The alien allegedly reached out in response to the NASA Voyager message in 1977.

According to the group, NASA’s Curiosity rover received the recording in 2012 but has kept it secret until the recent leak. However, no records have been found that Mars rovers detected such alien reply. Furthermore, many have questioned its authenticity, including seasoned alien hunters.

In the released recording, a distorted voice can be heard with beeping, whirring, and other electronic sounds in the background.

Here is the exact message according to The Sheivae Project:

“Hello. I am Sheivae. I receive your message. I come from a world far away from yours.

You are not alone.

I hope you receive mine. I hope you understand my message. I try to learn your language (???) yours.

(???) me I lost (???) I lost my planet.

Now I am explorer, voyager, creator. You are my first contact. I would (???) like to (???) you. I am not your enemy. I come in peace.”

Many viewers expressed their skepticism saying that an alien would not use the phrase “we come in peace,” which was popularized in many western films in the 1950s. Some suggested that the recording was recreated with conventional tools.

Even UFO and alien believers say that the recording is complete crap, and there’s no way to confirm if it’s genuine.

The creator of the video seems to understand the mixed sentiments – including the negative ones – and writes that more information may be revealed in the future.

According to the video creator, NASA sent two Voyager probes into space in 1977 and explored for nearly 40 years. These probes were sent to their respective journeys with each has messages on a gold-plated copper disk that represent the life on Earth.

Now, the message has been answered, according to The Sheivae Project. The video claims that the Opportunity Mars rover first detected an unknown signal in 2005, but the Curiosity rover only recovered it successfully in 2012.

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  1. “…shoot, I’m convinced!” That sounded just like an Alien from far away, gosh I hope he really does “come in Peace”. I know it’s real because the back-ground noise was exactly the same as that on “Beast with a Million Eyes”… I’m just sooo excited!

  2. Yon alien in the video, looks like a wee bit of haggis.If haggis could speak, it would sound like the jessie that’s doing the daft voice.

  3. Ever see the movie Mars Attack ? There is a scene where the scientist use a tranlation machine to communicate from the alien. So, someone edit that from the movie and put it on youtube LOL!

  4. Why would an alien say “you are not alone” .. it is so obvious.
    Actually we cannot see or figure what is outside of our universe, but there’s no objective reason to think there is only 1 universe ! (it s just religious stuff)

    And that single universe already contain so much possibilities…i mean, come one, a universe is perhaps like a cell of our body..

    • i know, but there is nothing to compare with, so the real size of universe (to the whole) is just unknow
      To think there s nothing outside of “bigbang” and “cosmic background radiation” ..why not, but it is ridiculous.

  5. Sounds credible to me, especially if the Entity took words from our probe recording and created this message. Very possible. All you need is an open mind.

  6. Oh come on, people! Surely a real alien, (and I dont doubt we’re not alone)
    Would have a better and clearer way of communicating with us? With all the technology they must have to actually get here that’s the best they can do?
    This one sounds like it will offer us beads and tobacco at any second.
    Still videos like this are entertaining and keep us on our toes.
    just take them with a pinch of salt!

  7. It is hardly likely that an alien would be using a voice distorter, and that they would have an American accent. This is a joke!

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