Cigar-shaped UFO over Australia?


New footage of a cylindrical UFO hovering in the sky above Mudgee, NSW, Australia. This was taken on 31st March 2016.

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  1. This guy is a hoaxer, he himself or a friend, releases balloons and he then films them in an attempt to pass them off as UFO’s. He does summoning sessions, where he calls them in with his mind, LOL

  2. Most of the UFO sightings have been of cigar-shaped crafts. At one point it descends and shows the kind of fall as a leaf falling to the ground does. Paul Hill scientist and former NASA engineer explains how this happens in his book, published by his daughter after his death. Based on that, it is more believable, “in my book”. Thanks for reading!

  3. Balloons have no control, and float wherever the wind takes them. This cigar-shape moves around under intelligent control, while watching the video, it moved to the left of the screen with instantaneous acceleration from a dead hover to well over 10 miles, then instantly stops on a dime and hovers again. This video is a excellent example of a cigar shaped craft UFO.

  4. This is not balloons or cigar but two individual covert ships. These type have been seen many places including Vancouver B.C. Ballons spoof . HAHA.

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