UFOs Streaking Toward the Ground Around Nellis AFB, Spring Mountains and Area 51


In a UFO hotspot Nellis Air Force Base, UFO researcher Steven Barone keeps on monitoring the alleged UFO traffic above the area from the backyard of his home in Summerlin, Las Vegas.

UFO bloggers, meanwhile, have claimed that Barone’s series of videos uploaded to YouTube show UFO spacecraft from a secret community of Tall White Aliens, which the U.S. government allegedly hosted at Nellis AFB and Area 51.

The latest footage from Barone, captured on July 28 from his backyard, shows a strange object streaking across toward the ground. The video also features footage from his November capture last year showing three mysterious orbs going down in the nearby Spring Mountains.

According to Barone, he looked out for UFOs on the night of July 28, Thursday, in a stormy city of Las Vegas. Despite the adverse weather conditions, he still decided to record some UFOs as usual. He used a night vision camera to handle a little wind.

However, he ended up witnessing nothing. He then decided to focus his night vision camera to the nearby Spring Mountains because of a previous amazing footage he got over the mountains on November 12 last year, involving a mysterious bright light activity. He said that UFO activity took place after just waiting for just a short period.

Barone’s July 28 video shows a bright UFO or some called it alien lightship, in the direction of Area 51 facility that streaks down and disappears. It also shows footage from November 12, 2015, recorded over the same mountain. Three distinct orbs apparently land at the base of the mountain.

Many UFO bloggers suggest the UFOs that Barone recorded on videos are Tall White Alien spaceships, making landings at Nellis AFB and not fighter jets from USAF. They believe that the Tall White base is at the end of the Nellis old firing range.

According to the USAF whistle-blower Charles Hall, the Nellis AFB Tall White base has existed since the 1950s.

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  1. the first video is a meteor captured on film. the second video is a video of helicopters. watch the timer in the right hand corner of the film.

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