Churchill Covering Up A RAF Close UFO Encounter Over Britain, Personal Bodyguard Confessed


Great wartime prime minister of Britain ordered a special team of Whitehall mandarins known as the Flying Saucer Working Party to know the truth of the increasing number of UFO sightings.
The personal bodyguard of Sir Winston Churchill had made a deathbed confession that his boss covered-up a close encounter over Britain with RAF itself.

RAF pilots began reported encounters with an unknown aerial object called foo fighters towards the end of World War 2. Officials thought they were German secret weapons, but the number of sightings even increased after the end of the war.

In July 1952, US Air Force radar detected various unidentified objects flying in a restricted zone above the White House and fighter jets had to be scrambled on two consecutive weekends, causing public panic.

Churchill then sent a memo to his Secretary of State for Air Lord Cherwell requesting an immediate investigation.

A confidante and close friend of the PM, Lord Cherwell, assigned the probe to the Flying Saucer Working Party.

The top secret group was formed two years earlier to investigate UFO sightings. Investigators concluded that though it was impossible to rule out the extraterrestrial involvement of sightings of the unknown aerial object, it was more likely down to terrestrial aircraft, birds, balloons, or other natural phenomena. The group also said that it could even be just optical illusions, psychological delusions, or deliberate hoaxes. That seemed to lay down the subject of extraterrestrial UFO to rest.

However, in 1999, the MoD received a letter from the grandson of a retired RAF officer inquiring on an incident wherein Churchill allegedly prevented the reporting of an unidentified flying object encounter off the east coast of England.

The unnamed officer was the personal bodyguard of Churchill. He claimed that a metallic UFO shadowed a RAF reconnaissance plane off Cumbria from a mission over occupied Europe.

The crew allegedly captured pictures of the mysterious aerial object, which they claimed hovered without noise close to the plane. When Churchill knew about the close encounter, he apparently ordered the incident to stay classified for at least 50 years and should only be released after being reviewed by a future PM. Churchill was allegedly concerned about a mass panic and impact of faith in God.

Mysteriously, all records of the incident, including the cover-up order by Churchill, apparently disappeared. MoD has claimed that all UFO files before 1967 have been destroyed.
However, UFO hunters and conspiracy theorists suggest the British Establishment has been hiding proof of alien visits to Earth.

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