Close Encounter With A Triangle UFO Reported Over Ohio


A massive, triangle UFO was spotted and recorded on videos above Springfield, Ohio. The witness was driving along a highway approaching Columbus when he first saw strange lights in the sky at 10 p.m. on the 29th of November 2016.

The witness described the colored lights as white, green, and red at the time and cylinder-like. The object got bigger as it became closer to the witness. This time, the object was not a cylinder looking anymore as it was starting to look like an airplane because it became like a triangular shape.

From the witness’ perspective, the object was gigantic.

As the UFO became so close to the witness, he realized that it was not an airplane. He saw a huge triangular shape UFO.

Using his cellphone, the witness captured snapchat videos and immediately sent them to his friends without saving them. Then the UFO started to turn a little bit like an airplane and went back to its straight position, the witness stated.

It came to his mind that it may be a plane crashing, resulting him to freak out. He was just calm down when the UFO was gone when he passed it in a flash and could not see it out of his window anymore.

The witness said that the object in question had a blackish gray base with red lights on it and three white lights on the three corners. He did not save any of the videos, and his friend sent him back screenshotted parts.  The witness filed a report that included one image to Mutual UFO Network (MUFON). It can be accessed in Case 80785 of the MUFON’s witness reporting database.

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