Massive UFO About The Size of Jupiter Crashes Into The Sun


Some conspiracy theorists went into a frenzy after discovering images from Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) spacecraft, which is jointly operated by European Space Agency and National Aeronautics and Space Administration, showing an apparent UFO of about the size of Jupiter crashed into the sun.

The UFO is being described as made up of a transparent group of rings. Many believe the spacecraft collided by accident, but others suggest the extraterrestrial UFO was using the sun to refuel.
The video uploaded by Paranormal Crucible revealed that the object is about the size of the Jupiter.

After the massive object allegedly crashed into the sun, it generated a bright flash. Scientists have yet to offer an explanation for this bizarre event.

It’s not the first time conspiracy theorists discovered the so-called alien spacecraft flying near the sun’s surface. Since last year, a lot of images circulated online, which conspiracy theorists suggested showed extraterrestrial spaceships gathering near the sun and sucking solar power.

The images seem to show a white spot that is joined to the surface of the sun with a connected line.

YouTuber StreetCap1 also uploaded the video of the alleged massive UFO feeding off the solar energy.

Some UFO hunters who viewed the video think the UFO is glowing white, but it appears yellow because of the sun’s plasma. They suggest the craft is made from an unknown material that is resistant from the surface of the sun.

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  1. if that thing is the size of jupiter and it says that’s the thing that went into and out of the sun, then it is WAY WAY bigger than jupiter! i mean look at the film. you do realize jupiter is a mere dot against our sun?

    • If this is in real time, then the object far exceeds the speed of light. The sun is over 800,000 miles in diameter and an object traveling at the speed of light should take several seconds to traverse the field shown. Also, Jupiter is about one-tenth the diameter of the sun, hardly a speck compared to it.

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