CCTV Records Bright Flashing UFO Over Phoenix


A strange flashing UFO appears in security cameras in Phoenix, Arizona, reigniting claims the city is a hotspot for visiting beings from another world.

Many people believe it could be an alien spacecraft as it also reportedly observed from New Mexico, Utah, Nevada, and California.

Experts said it was likely an object from outer space burnt up in the atmosphere or a meteor.

Phoenix is one of the most famous US cities when it comes to alien and UFO sighting after the notorious Phoenix Lights incident that became a phenomenon from March 13, 1997. The infamous incident involved massive sightings of huge triangular UFOs drifting above Arizona and the city of Phoenix.

Thousands of people saw five lights in a formation for over three hours from 7:30 pm to 10:30 pm.

The military blamed the infamous event to flares set off during an exercise at the time, but UFO enthusiasts were not convinced of the official explanation.

The new footage was recorded with a Nest security camera.

The object in question appears above the city as a small orb of light.

It then blooms into a large flash and lights up clouds in the dark sky.

One witness Debora Lee Soltez said on Twitter that they noticed the sky light up not far from Flagstaff. She added that they were driving north, so they did not see the meteor, just the sky lightens up then the flash bright enough to see the trees along the road.

Another Twitter user said that they first thought someone shot a firework, but it got very bright and never popped.

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  1. How many can we only wonder would perceive those bright flashes in the night sky over Phoenix as nuclear warheads in a controlled burst off?

    That our nuclear war fighting hobbyists have mined our planet with tens of thousands of nuclear weapons and we are still here despite their numerous attempts to extinct us all in a three-hour shot.

    Will we not praise the Lord for sparing us President Truman in April?

    Will American Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and take the authority to issue our money away from these nuclear war fighting crazies and STOP THE WAR?

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