Amazing UFO video filmed over Ft. Collins, Colorado


New footage of a bright saucer-shaped UFO over Ft. Collins, Colorado. Filmed on 15th August 2017.

Witness report: I drive a truck from Colorado to Wyoming four times a week. I take a break returning from Wyoming usually at this same spot, Hwy 287 at Ted’s Place. I took a short nap and when I awoke I saw multiple craft in the valley in front of me. I grabbed my phone and tried to get pictures but it was too dark and the camera kept shutting off. I pulled out a digital camera and it kept shutting off, after about five tries I started recording the video. The same craft were there every night for weeks but seemed to move west toward the mountain.I believe they were searching for something. The sightings were a about the same time every morning. There were many craft from real small to larger like the one in the video.


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  1. Sorry, but this video isn’t worth much. There’s no reference at all as to what kind of setting this was, there are simply a row of lights and nothing else, I can’t even tell if this was in the sky, the ocean, or land. It may very well be what you’re saying, but…..

  2. wal mart has better video haven’t seen one good picture or video are they made grainy on purpose. my phone takes better video what are they using

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